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  • jforuus jforuus Jul 30, 2012 11:40 AM Flag

    Frank Spencer of Codell Spencer Inc.

    Nice MOVE!

    The SEC is to overworked or and appointed by corruption?

    DB Frank Spencer exit his position as CEO from Cogdell Spencer Inc.

    Enter Ray Bruan to take the fall and not ruin Frank's good name? hahahah!!

    Ray buys a ton of undervalued shares..

    Enters into a buyout shortly for a premium price of his share purchase.

    Longtime investors get screweed, Ray makes a fortune and Frankie boy isn't anywhere near the ground zeor since he is long gone since 2010.

    The SEC is clueless, the individual investor has lost money and the financial media fails to report as USUAL the reality that retail investors do not trust CEO, MM, Hedgefund Manages, Senators/Governors or the SEC themselves to do the correct thing.

    How about getting rules that allow a company to go file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with allows operations to continue on a normal basis for the most part but wipes out shareholders completely and wipes out the debt off the balance sheeet, sounds like a great thing for corporations but GOD AWFUL for a individual investor, unlike institutions who can "short" since they are part of the racket to recoup their losses.

    Let me play in the sandbox! hahahahha!

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