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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 5, 2012 7:36 PM Flag

    Ode to the molestation of the American Citizen

    The IRONIC part is that they send the children of men and women to foreign lands to protect OUR nation so they can be CANNIBALS and PARASITES themselves to it.

    The parents sacrifice willingly while the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS of this nation the PLAYERS of WALL St. not limited per say to that address alone; rape the coffers of parents that sacrifice their own children for their well being. The AMERICAN CITIZEN AKA SUCKER AKA FAMILY and PARENT being hosed should be ashamed of themselves for being misled by such men to sacrifice their own children for the greed of the REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS who lay in bed with these FINANCIAL TERRORISTS.

    Question for you why do you not protect your children from such lecherous beings? You do not leave children with the men of the cloth because you have a healthy suspicion yet you leave your children's lives to men who at every turn are more then wiling to sacrifice their lives while camouflaging it with words such as "patriotism" and "love of thy nation". You F'ng fools!! Time to round up the Chattanooga wagons and brace yourself against such scoundrels. The ole days the man would snuff his entire family before he let them fall into the wrong hands. What are you doing handing babes to the wolves so they can prosper while they take ALL that you work so hard for. The land of the BRAVE they say, ehhh; remember the "BRAVE" were all slaughtered. The land of the FREE? Yet we pay to posses everything down to the land we live upon and the frequency of payments never tires into their coffers which they call taxes which were only to be instilled temporary. Count how many taxes there were before World War I and you will have an understanding how the Republicans and Democrats have stolen all so many have fought and died for. Your ancestors would call you VAGS and tell you to stand up and fight or at least vote these SCU@#$#Bags out of office.

    This isn't about RUBY RIDGE or WACO this is about the children of all the men that stand on both sides of the line. Your going to have to realize brother vs. brother is how they keep control. Corporations and politicians are in the business of self preservation and will always be, regardless if their deeds are ill for many or most of its citizens. You don't think so, how many Millions died before Big Tobacco was EXPOSED? Don't kid yourself you don't live in a cocoon.

    At this point "globalization" perhaps has even consolidated regimes and agendas and no longer is it simple enough to draw lines of demarcation. The agendas have become so complex and confusing yet the one simple fact remains constant which is to keep "their" foot on the throats of the middle class, the poor and all of our children's future.

    Perhaps the spawn of a generation of new thinker shall be cultivated among the same corporations that amass fortunes at the expense of the health of its customers. Mr. President and Congress we implore you to STAND UP and take a bullet for AMERICA'S CITIZENS as its citizens have done so to forge this land we may all live EQUALLY. We may start to see cells of free thought congregating at the corner Starbucks to share ideas and question what is inherently wrong with our current political two party system. I dare say it has already been ignited and the fever which it spreads is deafening

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    • I assure you when this economy goes, there will be no wall, fence, partition high enough to stop the realities from bringing the wall down.

      The sons and daughters from Kansas and Nebraska will eventually put down their guns down and wander back home; to question many of what has happened to their parent's and grandparent's golden years of FINANCIAL SECURITY? Then they will question what have you done to their own futures and their children's future. The American Soldier is no longer a simpleton but a man of renaissance that is why you call him the "modern soldier". They sacrifice and you SC@UM manipulate the weak and old as well as the simpletons who bore them daily and take what they have earned thru hard work.

      REVENGE shall be the first thing they shall look for and the fires will burn bright for many a night, if it draws to the boiling point. All this can be diverted but your own greed and self grandiose will not allow it to be so. The attitude of "THEY MUST TAKE advantage of the those with out a voice and who are powerless, it is the law of the land". You shall eventually be overshadowed by the same men and women that you consider lambs to be slaughtered.

      I am sure before the years leading up to the DARK AGES many if not all never thought such times of darkness to fall upon Europe for 1000 years. The cracks are showing and this era also shall slip into the night and a new day shall be born be it with the pen or sword but most likely both.

      You can keep lying to us all on TV about unemployment but eventually the levy shall break if we do not address such matters and change our thought. Our politician's civil responsibilities and compass have been altered from good but towards selfishness for advancement and self preservation of their own office without merit.

      The F'ng President should be re-iterating such letters instead of the non-sense he likes to recite in front of the camera. He lacks balls and thinks the citizens of this nation to fragile to hear such thoughts but he forgets the children of this nation were birthed through hardship and despair. The DNA of their forefathers is coded with in them. The Republicans and Democrats think this population to be weak and fools that can be easily led and deceived forever. The time is approaching when they shall understand when such men run out of room to breathe as they desire to they begin to FIGHT for whatever they have left. Perhaps we are not at such crossroads. Some say we crossed that path the day the BIG BANKS Faile us, Jon Corozine Governor to some Senator to others failed us in private office. CEOS such as Blankfein and Cogdwell Spencer Inc. failed to show allegiance to their own investors or when Glaxosmithkline decided buying the lives of 12 infants in a study for less then $100K was a good business decision? We can go on ALL DAY with such numbing facts, did we mention the grandfathers and grandmothers that Big Tobacco killed by shelfing reports that would have made the masses aware and given them an OPTION THAT WOULD HAVE ULTIMATELY GIVEN THEM A CHOICE TO CHOOSE LIFE OR DEATH?

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      • You say if you don't like how this country is run, "leave". We say NO THANK YOU, we want justice and equality words that echo in the Declaration of Independence but are under assault and have been wronged to current events.

        The old men of Congress haven't realized the AMERICAN DREAM they are destroying so all but a shell of its former self and when this regime of traitors called the Democrats and Republicans does finally topple just as SADDAM'S and HITLER'S did along with countless other regimes, its citizens will lasso the reminders of yester year to hurl them to the ground and start anew without them.

        Our's leaders are even more evil, the others had no shame and did horrors in the day whereas our regime lurks in the shadows. They cloak it with words like "Chapter 11" which should be called, "The molestation of the individual investor"! They start wars on foreign soils and look for phantom WMDs and stand in front of the flag while their cronies prosper and bankrupt this nation. They run witch trials of "insider trading" while the politicians practice it for DECADES themselves and continue modus operandum. They slip men and women into the cracks and count them no more just so to keep the illusion of a low unemployment rate. They play GOD and decide which companies live and which die and "EQUALITY" is lost, their is no TRUE JUSTICE for she is to be blind yet she ogles and make choices of which corporations are saved while others are sent to the hell fires.. They attack their own with extreme prejudice and excuse it with words such as the "free market" and "invisible hand". Corporations and Politicians have become so intertwined that words such as "CORPERICA" are born and its citizens are crushed daily.

        Secretly we are looking for evil men like John Holmes to turn into heroes if they can channel their energy towards those who deserve it. Are these the aspirations that we have to cling to? Or shall the citizens of the United States march hand in hand upon the capitals of its states to send a message of peace at first for demanding change only to follow a clenched hand if the tongue's of the US citizens needs are not met by the REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC PARTY?

        The American Citizen's Soul has been willowed away the heart has been harvested and we are left to wander a wretched existence and our ancestors look down upon us in shame that so many have let so few destroy what they ALL worked so hard for through out the history of this NATION. You might as well pull a no. 1 on the flag if your going to allow them to pull a no. 2 on it daily.

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