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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 7, 2012 10:38 AM Flag


    Is that treasonous or just a political regime change agenda to get the sum#@$bags in our political system out of office who have been running this country in the ground and lining up the pockets of their cronies forfeiting the interest of the vast majority of the US CITIZEN and allowing the current structure of the finanical markets to destroy investor confidence.

    Men died, more importantly your great grandfathers fought for what they valued, what do you? lay in the wake of what they left while it deteriorates all around you and the future of your children?

    Your Grandparents look down upon you uttering, "I didn't know to make them safe we would turn them so WEAK to the will of others agenda!" You value your home, cars and materialistic things and that is what "they" want; you to create your own fear and shell that you covet and not RISK loosing. Only when you are willing to RISK it all will you truly SACRIFICE for the future of your children.

    Perhaps this generation will stop pro-creating until we set this ship correct?

    Does this grip of fear make you lay in silence? Fight back, covet nothing but truth and enlightenment the way of Buddah, such things frighten men whose empires are built on the basis of masses being so materialistic that they sacrifice their future and generations of futures yet to be born.

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