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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 8, 2012 8:56 AM Flag

    The SEC disappoints again and CARL BERG escapes the IRS and now abuses his longtime investor

    This is her...DEMAND JUSTICE and a probe of VLNC TECH and its sponsors, one ticker at a time we will demand justice for.

    This is a list of emails not all are functioning but you sort it out, else don't be upsets when they tax you more and mother and father get squeezed a bit more and your kids are sacrificed for CORPERICA! This is your chance.

    Please include the following in the body of your email

    "Are you journalists or just enablers for the cheats of Wall St.. How about you do a piece on something that will benefit your regular listeners and prove to us your just not tools of the corrupt to violate us? For example Valence Technology and Carl Berg with their convent bankruptcy that destroys yet more retail investor confidence in Wall St. and the SEC inability to bring exact justice. One company at a time, we start with this one. Are you going to help save AMERICA and its CITIZENS or are you just be medium to make sure we are enslaved and finally admit your part of the problem? The citizens of this country need you, will you champion for them and remember why you became journalists and the responsibility of being one. Did your fellow colleagues sacrifice themselves for not. Fight like Marie Colvin and Raul O Garces, the list goes on in the hundreds, honor them and your country."

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    • Balls in your court if you want to make a change, please copy and paste this in an email to your neighbors, co-workers and friends, we can start with one company at a time.

      Else if you have children your going to let them grow up in a country that they will be compose of intelligent slaves for such persons and the cycle will be repeated! Only takes you 30 seconds to cut and paste. Is your family worth it? Is your country worth it? Was the blood of your great grandfather's and great grandmother's who sacrificed their lives so you may live in a better world worth it? These charlatans have lobbyists that don't rest, all WE HAVE IS EACH OTHER and a vote and names to channel

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