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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 7, 2012 1:07 PM Flag

    The SEC disappoints again and CARL BERG escapes the IRS and now abuses his longtime investor

    This guy claims bankruptcy with one company he owns over 50% of and then ships out an order with the other company he is in bed with. "largest deployment..."

    What a POS he is, Aubrey and Blankfein could take lessons from this guy.

    Carl way to F your long time investors over in a heartbeat. DB.

    What is the SEC doing? What are they plan on doing? Is the SEC in bed with CARL BERG?

    UPS doesn't mind who they do buisness with?

    Has the SEC done anything with Jon Corozine, does CNBC put him on every morning anymore? Out of mind out of sight, wrong! The American Citizen is tiring and hasn't forgotten.

    Mr. President why don't you stop reciting fake letters and actually recite true posts and address it? Use the words like the SEC is undermanned and fluffed with personal interest appointees.

    You can't make this UP! We have to listen to this guy recall letters on his campaign about BS that only tries to make him look softer. MR. PRESIDENT, why don't you be a BIGGER SCU@CUMBAG then the people that are abusing your CITIZENS.

    To every CEO, WE THE SEC APPLAUD YOU FOR F'NG OVER ALL OF THE RETAIL INVESTORS EVERY GIVEN CHANCE SINCE NEPOTISM RUNS RABID IN OUR STRUCTURE. We are in on the racket or we just are morons because we can't have a link that actually works and is simple enough to navigate for you to file a complaint with us. for example...

    try clicking on it and tell me they aren't inept or part of the problem, and your investing in this market full of S@##R#Cumbags? Snuff your children now if your that stupid.

    This one is the best one.."report a securities fraud"..see what happens..WTF.



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    • This is the SEC..reach out to them and be the voice for us ALL. The lobbyist have hundreds and millions they spend you have hundreds of millions of emails that can be sent DAILY until they finally realize we want more then press releases to pacify us but actual CHANGE and serious prison time.

      * Mary L. Schapiro, Chairman (D) January 27, 2009 2014
      * Daniel M. Gallagher Commissioner (R) November 7, 2011 2016
      * Elisse B. Walter, Commissioner (D) July 9, 2008 2012
      * Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner (D) July 31, 2008 2015
      * Troy A. Paredes, Commissioner (R) August 1, 2008 2013

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      • This is her...DEMAND JUSTICE and a probe of VLNC TECH and its sponsors, one ticker at a time we will demand justice for.

        This is a list of emails not all are functioning but you sort it out, else don't be upsets when they tax you more and mother and father get squeezed a bit more and your kids are sacrificed for CORPERICA! This is your chance.

        Please include the following in the body of your email

        "Are you journalists or just enablers for the cheats of Wall St.. How about you do a piece on something that will benefit your regular listeners and prove to us your just not tools of the corrupt to violate us? For example Valence Technology and Carl Berg with their convent bankruptcy that destroys yet more retail investor confidence in Wall St. and the SEC inability to bring exact justice. One company at a time, we start with this one. Are you going to help save AMERICA and its CITIZENS or are you just be medium to make sure we are enslaved and finally admit your part of the problem? The citizens of this country need you, will you champion for them and remember why you became journalists and the responsibility of being one. Did your fellow colleagues sacrifice themselves for not. Fight like Marie Colvin and Raul O Garces, the list goes on in the hundreds, honor them and your country."

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