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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 14, 2012 8:22 AM Flag

    Larry Lindsey and the SQUAWK propoganda joke box

    your all a joke...start acting like journalist and represent some integrity for you fellow citizens.

    the simpletons haven't forgotten it was the bush that started off this BILLIN $$ crusade for WMD and it was his cronies that TRIPLED up on all that cash of theirs.

    we think both parties are B.S.

    that guy larry is the manifestation of what is wrong with this country's politicians, SELF INTEREST.

    why doesn't the SQUAWK BOX producers actually put some news on and light on what is wrong with the system we have and start ACTING LIKE JOURNALISTS. You SHILLS.

    This country needs financial journalists that are strong and willing to speak and write the truth. DEMAND JUSTICE for its citizens.

    Where is Corozine, why don't you grill him on the show anymore?

    Buffet doesn't come on because Joe reamed him..F him JOE, keep pretending to be a journalist the wiz kid lacks any back bone or conviction, the girls play the pin up girl bit lack much intelligence to bring to the surface to start behaving like journalists...guy with pony tail your a joke work on articles that will actually bring some light to world of finance and explore it for what it is worth and not just you own portfolio..matinee boy..i don't even know where to start with him.

    Who is the BIGGEST LIAR?

    Carl Berg
    Jon Corozine
    Paul Ryan
    The Republican Party
    The Democratic Party
    Lloyd Blankfien
    The SEC

    Notice what the answer is and we keep putting up with them ALL?

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