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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 14, 2012 7:41 PM Flag

    QUEEN Kudlow and his tabloid hour

    I assume WE can REFER to you as "QUEEN" since you like to say the phrase, "MAN UP AND SHUT UP".

    Queen let me start off with nice color tie you had on today's show.

    Now that is out of the way, you SUX royally. Why?

    Because you exemplify what is wrong with all of you men/women on CNBC. None of you pseudo journalists are objective. There isn't one show that is objective your all subjective your nothing but talking TABLOIDS. You all have your own agenda to advance.

    Larry we get it your a REPUBLICAN and you want OBAMA out. It is disgusting watch you spew your own agenda on national TV. All of you should note if he is advancing his own agenda and the agenda of his producers listening to him for INFORMATIONAL reason is silly! Are we correct Larry Q (sort of like John Q)?


    Your show is a big COMMERCIAL for your political agenda, it is sickening.

    There are individuals that use the information from your show to actually beat the market. What a fool and your a tool as well.

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    • Finally they mention something on CNN at 5pm when no one is around to hear it. What a joke. If you PSEUDO journalists had any integrity you would come clean with having Jon Corozine the ex governor and senator on your show far too many time to mis lead you and us all. Correct? since your not in on the RACKET?

      CNBC producers would actually put a show together and put it on prime time and call it the FALL OF ANOTHER US POLITICIAN. CNBC producers clearly lack conviction, integrity and clarity along with subjective views to only present to a mind numbed audience.

      Why are they not putting a hour or 30 minute special on this CAD and his brief encounter with a "don't get caught again JON" by the US Congress and US Senators. They should all be measured and then taken out to the woodshed. To the CONGRESS of the US, you have disappointed the US CITIZEN yet again. CNBC why don't you take a stance of integrity and look out for the US Citizens best interest and use your resources, I guess it is easier to steal from DUMB F RETAIL who happens to be the US CITIZEN and the audience giving you ratings!

      Congrats to DUMB F RETAIL yet again for giving the men that butcher your dreams advertisement revenue by watching their OWN AGENDA day in and out.

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      • Ted Cruz, men like you define what is wrong with country. SELF INTEREST.

        Blaming a person for an economy your own party put us in is the wrong way to approach running this country.

        ADMITTING "during our REPUBLICAN TERMS we made these mistakes that put this country in this position" is the first step. Then tell the US CITIZEN how the REPUBLICAN PARTY plans no not repeating those mistakes? VICE VERSA FOR THE DEMOCRATS.

        If you can't recognize the mistakes your party did then how on earth is the US CITIZEN be assured that you will not be repeating your mistakes?


        The DEBATES are nothing more then staged monkeys repeating questions that are approved by your campaign managers and team. We call that in the sport industry a "FIX"!

        CNBC.. JOURNALISM..READ the definition. You have disappointed this country and its citizens yet again.

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