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  • wingofeaglets17 wingofeaglets17 Aug 21, 2012 3:45 AM Flag

    Near all time highs on 1% growth.


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    • lol


      wall st. s@#$cumba2#gs realize they have lost their cash cow, retail and those investing in their 401Ks. big ouch. you F'ng morons constructed that yourself.

      now they put pseudo nerds on trying to make you think that electing Mitt man and Ryno boy to office will give this country leadership.

      flash news dipchits your girls the bush created a big enough mess to leave as his legacy. the US CITIZENS memory is NOT SHORT! we haven't forgotten. if that is what you call leadership, we want OUT! or we want you OUT! and stay OUT!

      the democrats are up at the plate and they also are on NOTICE! the US CITIZEN has tired of you 2 S@#Cumbag party system. The US Citizen is ready to elect a rainbow colored SSS'd monkey to the WHITE HOUSE if it doesn't stand for the donkey or the NOT SO GOP.

      if you can't figure it out with all the cash pulled out of mouths of the s2@#$CUMGbag@#$g wall st. J.O. that your future politics is the next to go and in short of you rigging they system which I don't doubt men like you from doing we will be eventually OUSTING you M.F. and jubilance in the streets will be amuck!

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