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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 31, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    list of DB

    Jon Corozine

    Lloyd Blankfien - Goldman Sach a company infested with roaches

    Michael Milken - (donate all you can charity your still s@#cumbag, like Carl Berg to their shareholders)

    Car Berg - He gets the POS award of the year sending Robert Kanode to take the bullet
    Raymond Braun of Cogdell Spencer Inc and his predecessor (major sc2##umbags to their shareholders)

    LIBOR crew

    Ralph Bradshaw-The entire Cornerstone Fund Family - useless to share holders but very creative for their own personal wealth

    John Chambers - CSCO

    Reed Hastings - NFLX - he was selling 10lbs of poop for 30lb prices and wanted to raise the price of poop, since he made all his money and much more back.

    Aubrey McLendon - Chesapeake. untrustworthy? rare adjective to be used in this field? lol

    US Congress - insider traders

    Our latest addition to the list..

    Ronald E. Hermance Jr. and Denis J. Salamone of HCBK - nice job to ram every investor who believed in your company before the last 2 mos. with that move girls...that would be insulting women, you POS would be proper.

    Where is the SEC? " DUMB F RETAIL investors get out the market ",is the message SEC wants you to know but will not dare say it and this list has been growing since the start of this racket.

    Feel free to post his list on the DIA and SPY as well as the GLD.

    Expose them all and shame them and their family name in history.

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    • New York-based private equity firm Ranieri Partners.

    • We need to add Barron's to the list of FOOLS who have no journalistic integrity or value to add. The Financial sector is plagued with psuedo-journalists.

      Case and point, they quote disgraced Lloyd Blankfein the man who likes to whip muppets!!
      You think he is trustworthy? really Barron's, your so out of touch?

      "IN 2013, BONDS may be where you need to dodge correlation the most. Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein and Bridgewater Associates' Ray Dalio are the latest boldface names expressing worry that bonds are overpriced"

    • no DB to add? how about we add Tim COOK or is he just an idiot who wanted to get rid of another team member who he felt threatened by.

      Way to go Timmy!!!

      Every F'ng fund in America practically has AAPL and there is no collusion, correct? So Timmy which is you tell us, either way you have failed and perhaps Steve Jobs will kick you in teeth I would pay $100 to see you get kicked in the teeth and I am sure many others would also.

      What do you think about that?

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