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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 1, 2012 12:00 PM Flag

    Please post this to the WHITE HOUSE

    Perhaps this will send a clear message to these men in power that we are extremely tired and agitated with their silliness of running the greatest money making machine into the ground at every chance. You F'ng Republicans and Democrats are nothing more then self serving pric@#$ks.

    I am surprised you men unemployed haven't started marching on the WHITE HOUSE ritually!! Demanding the s@#Rumbags (republicans and democrats) to vacate. Enjoy having you children's future put to death a small part at a time.

    NOW COPY AND PASTE THIS AND ASK YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME. Send a message to the Republicans and Democrats we think they have started to become ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE since the people no longer actually have any power in the STATE; else take a pillow to you children's future.


    Jon Corozine an ex governor and ex senator really doesn't know where the $1.2B is?

    Codwell and Spencer CEO isn't a schill who sold out his company?

    Cornerstone Fund Family and management staff has talent?

    Governor Christie isn't self motivated schill and doesn't appoint persons to positions of responsibility in areas where they are not fit to serve in any form or capacity ?(our governor can eat you governor)

    LIBOR scandal never happens?

    The SEC isn't over manned and filled with appointees of nepotism?

    Lloyd Blankfein and Goldman Sachs don't have a pet name for their clients, my dear little muppet! Treat them accordingly?

    We found those WMD and didn't waste Trillions invading countries and loosing and taking lives out of ignorance.

    The Chinese companies aren't all F.O.S.?

    Carl Berg and Robert Kanode never misled any of their investors.

    Jimmy Cramer doesn't speak with forked tongue along with his serpent partner Stephanie Link for ratings?

    GE Immlet had a handle on what his company was doing and cut their dividends. Wake up JEFF!!

    Governors do not pay for #$%$

    Secret Servicemen do not pay for services rendered in foreing country and have a tab running in Columbia.

    The Republicans and Democrats are not running the US into the ground and we don't need a change after all these centuries?

    US Congress can't eradicate insider trading because they are part of the problem themselves.

    MM never move the market by selling into or out of positions.

    Wall St. is innocent and has no hint of dishonesty.

    Bill Clinton didn't lie and if he wasn't PRESIDENT he would have never been impeached.

    Monica doesn't give a great HJ?

    Your not a toad to say otherwise that the US Citizen and their children's future is not being molested.

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