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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 4, 2012 9:58 AM Flag

    When is the SEC going to start Dropping Bombs

    On all those responsible for the LIBOR SCANDAL?

    The SEC has washed it back like it is "no F'ng big deal", rather petty!

    Are you kidding us? Institutions would be condemned and closed if the SEC either isn't part of the problem?

    The SEC needs talent and Congress needs to staty ponying up for CASH to pay for such talents to whip the corruption of Wall St. Wall St. can not be regulated by mediocrity or the lower tier of the talent group, it needs to be regulated by the BRIGHT TALENT.

    BERNANKE AND G- BOY you both know this. Your never going to lure great talent with sub par mediocre salaryies away from the EVIL EMPIRES who do not want such talent availabe to the SEC.

    If CNBC and BLOOMBERG TV or any of these other psuedo journalists TABLOID had any decency or integrity they would EXPOSE the LIBOR SCANDAL for it truly is and most likely start another recession? Isn't that right you F'ng SCHILLS? Instead you do what you always do, selective and self-serving journalism.

    You DUMB F RETAIL will never learn, without a CLEANSING you are always be groveling to injustice unknowingly. You can't just cleanse this system without ERADICATION taking place in mass levels and not letting ourselves be ransomed by such ORGANIZATIONS.

    The Government is saturated with its own corruptness and marriage to it. The SEC doesn't have the talent pool to curb it. US CITIZEN has been fluffed into thinking otherwise.

    The only bit of power the US CITZEN can flex is the ability to have our future generations be removed from the GAME OF WALL ST. as possible. LET THEM TRADE AMONGST THEMSELVES.

    SHARKS will attak SHARKS eventually when the status quo remains the same over a long period of time.

    Tell your children to run from WALL ST. Tell yourselves to run from WALL ST. Tell your neighbors to RUN! Spread the word and let the institutions and corrupt maggots find their own equilibirium without sustaining itself on the expense of the common US CITIZEN. This needs to be a generational movement.

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    • Random questions to ask and facts to ponder over....

      1. How do you justify a salary this high for such unfriendly share holder results consistently, by that we mean "losses", annually? For any company that has no P/E.

      2. Is this more then just a "hobby" for you BOD or do you plan on turning a profit or is Chapter 11 eventually going to be in company XYZ future?

      3. How are you going to change the markets sentiment of this management teams inability to put together a plan and execute after decades of failure?

      4. We frankly do not see any silver lining to be in the black, what do you see aside for the paychecks you award yourself?

      Let us see which analyst and from what company asks hardline questions. If they are not asking such questions well then you should follow analysts that do their job and aren't afraid to ask such questions. We shall start listing these analysts and put their names up with

      Jon Corozine would be executed in a uncivilized country. Or are we just a country that allows the few to REPEATDELY take advantage of its citizen?

      Lloyd Blankfien - Goldman Sach a company infested with roaches

      Michael Milken - (donate all you can charity your still s@#cumbag, like Carl Berg to their shareholders)

      Car Berg - He gets the POS award of the year sending Robert Kanode to take the bullet
      Raymond Braun of Cogdell Spencer Inc and his predecessor (major sc2##umbags to their shareholders)

      LIBOR crew. Why is this not being talked about with such persons being crucified for their involvement. The MEDIA IS A SCHILL in the financial industry. The finincial institutions have turned a blind eye to it otherwise GOVERNMENT and INSTITUTIONS will TOPPLE. Sacrfice the truth to avoid curing the system so you can allow it to happen again. FAILURE on protecting the WORLD CITIZENS rights, yet again. If the public knew we would be setting your instituions on FIRE, many inside your own institutions would help. REPEAT after me," yes this whole financial industry is nothing more then lies and deceit! We ourselves have become the cancer and enemy of the state ourselves."

      Ralph Bradshaw-The entire Cornerstone Fund Family - useless to share holders but very creative for their own personal wealth

      John Chambers - CSCO

      Reed Hastings - NFLX - he was selling 10lbs of poop for 30lb prices and wanted to raise the price of poop, since he made all his money and much more back.

      Aubrey McLendon - Chesapeake. untrustworthy? rare adjective to be used in this field? lol

      US Congress - insider traders

      Our latest addition to the list..

      Ronald E. Hermance Jr. and Denis J. Salamone of HCBK - nice job to ram every investor who believed in your company before the last 2 mos. with that move girls...that would be insulting women, you POS would be proper.

      Where is the SEC? " DUMB F RETAIL investors get out the market ",is the message SEC wants you to know but will not dare say it and this list has been growing since the start of this racket.

      Feel free to post his list on the DIA and SPY as well as the GLD.

      Expose them all and shame them and their family name in history.

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