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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 19, 2012 8:47 AM Flag

    CNBC and Rick Santelli

    Ricky BOY! all that energy too bad you have to bite your tongue all of the time by not finishing your thoughts.

    For example, "the only place is first place!!" and "no lead is too big enough!!" unfortunately you didn't have the gonads to say, "hey if we only could stop voting the corrupt republicans and democrats back into office!".

    America is lost till then, until we get new fresh blood with civic duty and morals in the forefront of their thoughts rather then self preservation in office (the career politician). It is thy human nature to survive in life and work. We are doomed until we end this EVIL EMPIRE REGIME system. TWICE and your done from public office system.

    Hopefully the new generation will be passed these values such as the values of "
    the media is a puppet of politics and are pseudo-journalists, america never has wars but police actions while the youth fight and their parents and grandparents are ROBBED F'nG BLIND by politics and WALL St. (thanks Lloyd B. for appointing the guy who managed to save your company during the crisis and sell out AMERICA and many of your clients, D your going to do a great job!).

    Anyways, RICKY if your going to be a lunatic be a lunatic all the way and call out EVERYONE responsible instead of innuendos and half remarks. Tell your colleagues to find that journalistic integrity as well, oh wait they have none. America texts each other to laugh at most of your reporting, your not laughing alone you schills.. Having Jack boy on the show all the time pumping it up and not actually calling out people at his age with a is embarrassing on his part...yeah week its Bill Gross and that Governor/Senator Corozine is off the circuit. How about having those two guys name Reich on? Or maybe a third and fourth party candidate and showing some positive journalistic values and influence on a PRESIDENTIAL RACE? What a F'ng though,

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    • Jack Abramofff, -immigration laws and minimum wage, talk about keeping the poor down ehh..jackie!?!

      Duke Cunningham R-California - briber, mail fraud, wrie fraud and tax evasion..what a gem!

      William Jefferson D-Louisana and his Chief of Staff Brett Pfeffer - Bribery and his boy!!

      Jim Traficant (D-Ohio) - financial corruption

      Frank Ballance (D-NC) - money laundering and mail fraud

      Walter Tucker iii (D-CALI) tax evasion

      Austin Murphy - (D- Penn.) - voter fraud

      everyone is susceptible to corruption but to think there is none at all is how they are able to ruin this country.

      I guess they couldn't arrest Jon Corzine for being stupid? But they couldn't find anything to at least disgrace him, I guess the trail of crumbs would lead to the door steps of far too many of our fine distinguished gentlemen in office perhaps?

      You get the point....its time we start using common sense and start recognizing this two tier party is not working for the US Citizen is suspect to corruption. We need a third and fourth party to challenge them, the time has come.

      Your sweet granny has to work another 5 to 10 years because they kicked your grandmother in the teeth and are making her work another 5 to 10 years.

      They nibble, cut and steal your pension while you sacrifice your life for things that the common man would say, "who gives a F!". Don't worry when you come back you find job, your money has been devalued, your home is under foreclosure, your kids are hungry. Welcome the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE and the media will cover it all up with a sweet picture because they are controlled arms of manipulation.

      In Dodge City men like these guys on Park Avenue pulling the strings of men on Wall St. and the media would be hung, with no court or jury and signs posted..."this is what we do to rustlers around here". That is how the AMERICAN DREAM was forged, you can work or die but don't #$%$ on our parade by stealing and cheating.

      For all we know this infection stems to the man in charge?

      Make sure you ask no questions and be good soldiers and snuff truth always.

      Keep voting for the Democrats and Republicans and make sure you shine their boots to wipe clean the blood the teeth of your grandparents leave behind, while they pop bottles with Corporate America who fund their careers.

      It is time we end career corruption.

      (they never rest destroying this country from with in, you should never rest speaking the truth every chance you get, spread the world and collude upon the truth!)

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