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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 20, 2012 8:49 AM Flag


    Don't be fooled by how powerful you truly are and how alarming the fact is that many of you have left due to retirement, mis-trust of various reason. Below tells you why if you START WALKING AWAY FROM A BAD DEAL cough cough..WALL STREET AND THE SEC it will correct itself or find itself quickly on the outside looking in. The WORST thing for a shop owner is NOT TO HAVE ANYONE BUYING FROM THEM. It is time you walk away from them. THEY ARE FORCING YOU TO BUY, meaning the US GOVERNMENT between allowing companies to STOP PENSION and maniulating interest rates and inflation. Regardless walk away and stop ELECTING the two worst drivers of the most beautiful money making machine.

    Be the most dangerous negotiator, that who is always WILLING TO WALK AWAY FROM A DEAL.

    This is a Big F#@$ U to WALL ST. and its corruption you all are a apart of it in some capacity some with the smoking gun others with the blind eye.

    "When the President proposed ending the double tax on dividends, many critics charged that such a policy would not increase corporate investment.[1] These critics argued that since large institutional investors, such as tax-exempt pension and mutual fund companies, hold large percentages of corporate stock, dividend tax relief would be unlikely to increase corporate investment.[2] However, these arguments ignore the fact that even institutional investors pass on corporate profits to individual investors. Furthermore, a close examination of the data strongly suggests that most corporate equity is not held by large tax-exempt investors, leaving the critics to search for another reason to oppose the President's plan. Institutional investors do own about 66 percent of the outstanding shares of the S&P 500 companies.[3] This high percentage of institutional ownership, however, obscures several important facts. To begin, all shares held by institutions are held with the purpose of earning a profit for the institutions' individual investors, individuals who are likely to pay taxes. Additionally, focusing only on the S&P 500, rather than all publicly traded companies, makes the overall percentage of institutional ownership seem much higher than it really is."

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    • Blah blah blah....get off the board cretin.

    • Blah blah blah....get off the board cretin.

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      • Cretin? you surely JEST.

        The CRETIN is our PRESIDENT current and past and the men making the upcoming future and current generations into indentured intelligent serfs and slaves. The ones that protect them soon will be abandoning them to watch out for the welfare of their own families. Not sure how much longer till the boys and girls in uniform start realizing those that they take the bullet for are the same men and women in power barking out orders and sentencing their families and generations to a life of servitude.

        Wake and BRACE yourself...either you are DUMB F retail or you are "they" who are being exposed and if its the later, there will be many cretins invading your home when the big meltdown begins.

        We have passed the ring of power to another nation and its ramifications have not been yet felt but like the butterfly effect it shall be in time, by then you will be hiding your silverware.

        There will not be marshall law because even "good soldiers" know that a system and power that attacks its own people is not worth defending.

        Be careful the same men running Boolean searches for these men will start connecting the dots together for themselves.

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