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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 20, 2012 9:20 AM Flag

    The game isn't rigged?


    How about this one, Maybe CNBC can actually call all those that came on their show and made the call.....

    2035 Coal usage will DOUBLE! (less then 18 mos. ago)

    Now COAL is being abandoned completely?

    Where is the accountabliity? Joe babie on CNBC your cute with your jokes how about actually being a journalist and professional and holding them accountable? Bring them on the air and lets roast them or at least question what happend to their play? ( Kudlow is SPINELESS so I won't even make any commetns on his LATE TO DANCE about EVERYTHING! Cramer atleast tells you only after a 5mos run as opposed to KUDLOW 2 years to 2 late to make the call. We get it Jimmy you like to look out for your fellow piasons KRAAAHMER, like the CRM DB, does his company make a profit, you NEVER mention that? Thanks for the tip on DOLE after 50% run in 4 mos. already, what a J.O.)

    The problem is DUMB F RETAIL keeps thinking the system is going to change, it will not. It needs to be corrected and by that DUMB F RETAIL will have to shop somewhere else and set allegiances with other political powers and governments.

    DUMB F RETAIL, the colors have been sold 4X over this decade alone. DUMB F RETAIL don't you see Billions leaving to foriegn lands along with the rebukement of citizenship? Yet you remain loyal to party lines that have destroyed the future of ALL hard working middle class (the NEW SLAVE CLASS).

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