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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 5, 2012 2:21 PM Flag

    Ousting the Republicans and Democrats by 2016

    While your 24yr old child is sitting at home after working hard in college, the pseudo media is trying to coin phrases like "Boomerang Generation" to be clever.

    We as an entire nation, Democrats and Republicans can all agree the two parties and themselves will agree that no one can be trusted amongst them.

    The US CITIZEN needs to awaken and take back our political system.

    The youth need to organize the 12% or 16% that are unemployed and start holding vigils and sending a messaget to thie current regime that has ruled us for the past 200 plus years.

    This coming election regardless if we can elect a third party or not we start voting, colluding as the Wall St. players do, by voting for one single party other then the current two party system.

    The Constitution Party ! I don't even know what they stand for but it doesn't matter this is a message to the current ruling families and parties, the US CITIZEN has reached its MERCURY RISING POINT!

    Virgil Goode....


    The LIbeteraian Party,..

    Jill Stien...

    THE INTERNET IS OUR MEDIAN AND we can't trust them to count votes..see the Jeb BUSH Florida FIASCO for the ones we only hear about.

    Which ever the case is we all vote as one against this tyranny of the two political struggle that has plagued us and brought so many ot their knees.

    Spread the word! Lets fire of a SHOT to be heard by the entire political hierarchy of the migration away from their bi-partisian strangle hold of ill that is destroying and stepping on the neck's of the future of our children and country.

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