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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 10, 2012 5:40 PM Flag

    Calling out CNBC the psuedo journalists!

    You have to love these guys, they have Mohamed El Elari and Bill Gross (and Niel Kashkari, ex-PIMCO guy) of the PIMCO funds on every other week but they just don't have the gonads to ask them hey "why is your fund selling at such a high premium?" Way to give your viewers a heads-up CNBC! hahahha! You F'ng guys are bigger joke then Elvis not being a bigot, hahhaha!!

    You pansies need to stop sucking on the nips of wealthy men and start making believe your journalist, I am sorry you SAD DUMB F RETAIL need to recognize these guys are nothing more then Howard Sterns Show of the finance industry except they aren't funny and always give you the WORST advice.

    They are so bad you don't even care to listen or track their picks because they have NO TRUST FACTOR, yet you watch them! hahahaha! Why?

    What a sad show of deceit and NO journalist integrity to be found you DUMB F RETAIL find yourself watching.

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