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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 25, 2012 7:02 PM Flag

    wish we could play the game KICK THE PRESIDENT and CONGRESS IN THE NUTS

    If they raises taxes on us

    If they do not follow through with promises like decreasing the true unemployment rate.

    If they starts another war to cover their tracks of failure like the Bush and Clinton SOB did.

    If they steals more money from the savings of our grand parents and parents retirement plan (devaluing the dollar). While they send our children to fight on foriegn soil for their own egos and greed.

    If they raise taxes and cut services and then create jobs for their campaign cronies that did not exist EVER until they were elected. That Fat F NJ Gov. Christie comes to mind, he is the KING of them.

    If they make promises and go back on their word.

    If they hide behind nationalism to steal away our rights. (you keyboard puppets aka coders should know better then to be mindless puppets).

    If they increase the retirement age again.

    How long do we take this before we have a REVOLT? our AMERICA has been stolen from us!

    Must they come in the middle of the night and snuff your children in their bed first before you fight back and say "no F'ng more!!"

    you get the jist...

    Full SWING to the crown jewels. EVERY AMERICAN WOULD LINE UP TO VOTE AND TO HAVE THAT PREVILEGE. You should challenget the US CITIZEN with that in your campaign.

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