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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 29, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    Motley Fool

    Another site that I paid and tried out.

    Nice place to find some tickers to research or see if others are on the same page as you.

    Site has many different department store section types with cute gimmicky salesmanship tactics. They sell you a car, but if you want power windows, power drive, sunroof, leather it will cost you extra.

    Tom and David Gardner are the founders or the PIMPS of this service. They are in $7K suits and so there seems to be a disconnect with them and understanding of the average person investing.

    Need to go through a wide range of small print and videos to learn and understand how to navigate and use their picks and to understand why your performance and their performance is DAY AND NIGHT. Have to love that reading and no accountability. Unfortunately they boast about their performance but as far I have observed losses and gains over a decent amount of time are not very consistent. 50-50. One step forward One step back, an investor will not get too far.

    Avoid buying anything on their recommendation alone without reading again the small print and clearly lawyer-ing up the verbiage of their site.

    Lets just say they like to refer to their verbiage in understanding and clearing themselves from any responsibility of their calls and then you clearly understand how the performance is calculated and you will never be able to shadow it.


    navigation TWO THUMBS DOWN
    research ONE THUMB UP
    feeling like your going to eventually buy a LEMON? TWO THUMBS UP

    You should spread the word, forwarding or cut and pasting this message to other DUMB F RETAIL. It is time we start colluding upon the TRUTH and start holding pseudo-journalists accountable.


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