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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 29, 2012 5:32 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha

    Far I have observed this is closest you will get to a lawless dodge city on the internet for the investing community.

    Most of their authors seems to be a blogger.

    Their contributors/authors/loggers all have feuding opinion.

    If you owned a company and if there is a "PUMP/DUMP" strategy they would be my no. 1 site to get the word out. Of course that doesn't happen, there is no missing $1.2 Billion missing, cough cough Governor/Senator Corzine and LIBOR scandal wasn't just skimmed over by the SEC . You have to love these people, they truly think we are cattle and lemmings.

    Final Verdict - TWO THUMBS DOWN..a very dangerous site for information, since they have every view point regarding any company and seem to go on their own agenda regarding which side of the trade they are pushing that day or week or month.

    PLEASE forward, cut and paste this to others.

    DUMB F RETAIL needs to collude upon the truth like fund managers collude in driving tickers up and down with their mammoth sales and buys, we should also.

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      • For exmaple...

        It took this site along with the motley fool seems like over 2 years to finally discover garbage and identify garbage, regarding the Cornerstone Funds and lately some of the Pimco funds.

        (if one believe's in the mafia, governors like NJ -Christi cut jobs but create hi paying positions for their campaign cronies and men like Jon Corozine will never be sentenced to prison time because his fellow criminals, I mean senator and governors preside over and protect him and their own get the jist...)

        Finally long enough to enter the other side of the trade to line up their and their cronies pockets on the way up as well as on the way down!

        These guys are great, DUMB F RETAIL can't even get a decent burial.


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