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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 15, 2012 2:01 PM Flag

    The GAME and how to put it in check mate

    They call stealing your F'ng money a "game" !!!

    That is how much they respect you and your money. What do you do in response, keep "playing the game".

    Your all idiots.

    The US Government forces you to play by devaluing the dollar.

    We are all F'd, we should put a weapon in the hands of every women and man in America over the age of 75 who has worked over 30 years and let them march on the white house while we watch on CNN with our butter popcorn? Who would dare be upset about a REVOLUTION by the seniors only of its citizenship.

    What do you think! The ratings would be excellent all of Congress and the House could easily exit through the back door taking whatever they can carry regarding the pensions of our parents and grandparents, whatever they leveraged and porkbellied from CORPAMERICA as well as the misc. they have accumulated that the rest of us can't even phantom. Careerpolitician will have to leave a war treasure behind if they haven't already made arrangements. Your kids will no longer die on fresh foriegn soil while they steal from their parents and grand parents, 401K, pushing retirement out, cutting medicare and medicaid, eliminating pensions while nepotism like Gov. Chrisit assigns six figure positions to institutions to pay off his campaign supporters.

    That would be reality TV, Mr. President? I address this to you perhaps you will man the F up and recite such lettes instead of the garbage you recite on national TV.

    This is the dinner conversation we should have this holiday, "Hey I heard a great idea a few weeks ago......".

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