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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 12, 2012 1:56 PM Flag

    How many artices does it take to get pseudo-jouranlist to help their cronies distribute out of a stocks?

    Here is a list of psuedo-jouranslist that have abandoned the principles of being a journalist.

    The Motley Tool 2 brothers that are in the buisness of subscription model earning and making you think an investor can repeat/mimic their performance that they chest pound over. Lawyer up if you want to understand why you shouldn't attempt what they think you can?
    Seeking Crappola a site full of BLOGGERS?
    Barron's Von Fleece Your Money - old money..we make money the old fashioned way! we steal it or start rumors and use any arm of manipulation?
    Forbes we make great list but give you worthless information and have been stealing money for so long we actually think we are honest?
    CNBC - GE sponsors us, Immlet destroyed the holy grail our "dividends" and our entrie team squawk, fast money and Cramer are pooping over what ever is left of your reputation?
    Bloomberg TV we sensationalize the media..AAPL drops 190pts in 40 days and we talke about the 22point gain it made as incredible rise, "powering up the dow!"?

    There is no reliable media source for the financial industry?

    Arms of manipulation is all they have become, how sad. Laugh at everything you read and warn others.

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