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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 19, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    Price Rigging By Brokers

    When brokers bid up a ticker over a 50% to 75% premium and the fund manager fails to cash out immediately is that colluding with the brokers that are bidding it up and allowing them to be the only ones who profit? Seems like they have no qualms paying out a special dividend when it suits them, or they have no qualms buying their shares when the pps is depressed at a much larger spread then it should be?

    These are the questions that Slick Willy aka Bill Gross and Mohama El Erian should be asked and answering?

    These are the messages that all of these fund managers should be ready to answer the next time they are opining and coining cute things like BRIC, dude someone came up with 10 years before you did, get a grip.

    CNBC quawk shill team, Barron Von Rip You Off, Motley Tool, Seeking Crappola, we won't even mention Goldman Sachs because those guys are just the worst in my opinion..Corzine,Lloyd,muppets, are they in buisness, oh yeah the money they took from their investors! :)

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