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  • sharmaajit sharmaajit Dec 25, 2012 7:10 PM Flag

    This is what a Revolutionary Letter would sound like

    Questions to ask yourself regarding your government and the collusion of corporations.

    Are they just now setting us up for failure to keep us as intellectual indentured servants?

    This entire economy falls and they come up with nice phrases like the "black swan", somebody should tell them the human spirits "kills, butchers and eats swans" and perhaps it is time for their to reign to end? The current administrations are the swans who have brought us to such peril.

    Your parents save money all their lives and the government goes into absurd debt, how do you pay for it, steal the money from its citizens, it is nothing short of that. If the US citizen was to awaken I assure you we would be encompassing the white house and telling the Chinese and who ever we owe money to the past regimes of the US have been deemed enemy of the state and some of your debts will receive payment, others will be just like how Wall St. treats shareholders when it's corporations claim CHAPTER 11.

    If you hear rage and vengeance in this piece, you should. While they send your children to die on foreign soil they steal from the families of these children by robbing 401K from their parents and grand parents, they steal from all the savers by devaluing the currency. Why do we put up with this, would men in basements of Boston while they drink ale not rage into action to spill blood and take back what their forefathers fought for?

    In the spirit of the U.S. we should organize a protest where we take over the White House by sending our children under 14 and seniors over 80 to take control. There isn't a soldier that would fire upon its own son's and grandmothers. This is our best way to take over what these terrorists of the US economy and kidnappers of freedom have done.

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    • I saw this on the net, it sounded outstanding!

      Scenario A)

      1) Ten million of us march on Washington DC and peacefully invade and take over Congress. We demand a total resignation of everyone in Congress. We literally shutdown the federal government as we know it by the sheer mass of ten million of us.

      2) Ten million of us all stop paying taxes at the same time. We opt out of the system and bring the government to its financial knees while at the same time demanding that all current politicians resign.

      3) Only people who take a pledge to never allow the government to spend more than it takes in (except in times of declared war) will be allowed to fill the now empty seats in Congress. They must also pledge to run our government according to what the Constitution says.

      4) The Federal Reserve will be fully audited and made to operate in the open.

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