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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 26, 2012 10:04 AM Flag

    The death of a nation by the hands of its politicans and corporations

    Wall St. players are hated just as much as ambulance chasing lawyers.

    We seem to have many presidents that embody those two attributes lately.

    The vicious cycle that we have been caught in or kicked into these past 30 years has kept many to the same station of life that they were in 3 decades ago.

    In the late 1980's Wall St. robbed us, people stopped investing in the market because of its untrustworthy nature, nature always beats nurture. As the saying goes the only thing better then a dead ambulance chasing lawyer is a dead corporate lawyer and 2 Wall St. players and 3 politicians.

    In the 1990's 401K plans started becoming more popular because that was the only way Corporation lobbyists could get those F'ng POS politicans to make us part with our money and loose control of it by forcing us with two pick between two posion pills the cheats of Wall St. or the CHEATS of WALL St. not much of a choice, somebody have you two choices like that you would kick them in the sack and walk away, unfortunately all we can do is stop voting for them.

    In early 2000's we had another crash which stole alot of mony again from many people and again who prospered but the Wall St. Crooks as well as the politicians who are the Wall St. Crooks. Seems to be something is going on here, a common thread? The US citizen gets hosed and the US Senator and corporations pull a duece on us.

    Then ofcourse the late 2000's where whatever we had left they took half of! wow, where is your shottie?

    Meantime the cycle is as such, the minorities and I clasify them by not skin color but by economic stanadards...the poor, the people who live check to check and barely have a savings account because of various reasons, are always being taxed so they can never save, taxes that have become "natural" like cigarettes, beer, liqour etc. that is how there wealth is stolen.

    The middle class who save and are disciplined have the Wall St. threat to deal with. When will a man like Jon Corzine destroy his company and his cronies in the F'ng MAFIA called the US Gov't will circle the wagsons around him. When multiple nations want men to hang for the LIBOR scandal the F'ng MAFIA again circles the wagon. The people how are charged with policing the institution called Wall St. , we should refer to them as the institutions destroying our childrens, parents and grandparents, geenerational futures! Now we have black swan events, no the events were and are easiy forseeable. Flash news when you spend money that will take you 10 years to make with stipulation it has to be paid in 5 years, things will go bad in a hurry. At the end of the day, we make make money in upcycles and buy overvalued PPS of tickers that have been COLLUDED upon with respect to price action and then sell these tickers at below fair market value cost back to coroporations and wall st. politcians only to repeat the cycle, we haven't caught on to this yet? We aren't so infuriated that we haven't all bought out local newspaper and marched to the white house and buried it the media that has failed us as well and put a spark to it all yet?

    We don't need to worry about terrorist activity from outside we have our own terrorists named, Wall St., The US Government, Corporations, Banking System and of course the Lobbyists. Homeland Security if they aren't just another arm of manipulation should be investigating these entities. I have an arab who lives next door to me, the guy helps me shovel out of snow all the time. I got Chinese family who lives on the other side and they drop off dumplings with their delicious sauce every 3 thursday of the month. I don't need protection from them as much as I need protection from a poser government that put a black man in office to placate the population for several more years instead of correcting the true problems which happens to be their corrupt system. Their idea is they won't marh on the White House while a black man and perhaps next a woman is in offfice giving them more time to ream us a new one. Look around at your 24yr old children at home still, look at your 401K plans which all Citizens refer to as 200 1/2 K plans now, look at your savings accounts value destroyed, we should be engulfed in rage and this rage should be so hot that it is buring everything around as well. We don't really care if he is white, black, spanish or a mixture, we am cool with it all, we just need him to start cleaning up the Corzine, Milkens, Berg's of this world, men who hide behind the lawy and chapter 11 bakruptcies. Mike you steal Millions and destroy lives, we all hope your entire family dies of cancer, Milken! Do you understand? Somebody tell Wikipedia, we have to question everything you write now after reading that part on Mike Milken that POS who I pray dies in a fiery crash.

    Next time you see a politican and he wants to shake your hands, ask him this, "sir how are you going to get rid of the scu#@$#mbag moniker pasty historical actions have given you? Please tell your fellow constituent we know you all to be liars and cheats and to posses not so other admirable traits".

    I write the word Mr. President in many of these letters hoping that one day that he will actually recite a letter that expresses a pretty large piece of the pie chart. Perhaps when they sip on their $200 cognacs they will start to realize that when this levy breaks, lists will be printed and passed around.

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