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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 5, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Financial Terrorists

    The financial terrorists of the world have and are the UNITED STATES Govermennt.

    Why do we keep voting for these M.F'ERS?!!!?

    Why haven't we all surrounded the white house after the the last crisis and escorted them all out?

    Why are you sending your kids to protect a goverment that keeps stealing your money via so many sly avenues which range from money printing to allowing criminals like Corzine not to be brought to JUSTICE! to allowing comanies BOD such as GE and GM along with Citi Bank who all should be stripped of power and their wealth which they have STOLEN from so many others.

    Why aren't we stepping on the necks of Congressmen and Lobbyists while we take a no. 1 on them to remind them not to CHEAT THE US CITIZEN, not to hide documents that prove cigarettes are harmful, drug companies such as GlaxoSmithKline to be responsible for MURDERING over a dozen babies in trials, murdering people in the name of WMD to be he held accountable and appropriate justice be EXECUTED.

    Crucifing men like Jim Cramer, hands parallel so he suffer for days and not just hours for being a vessel of manipulation and all the ills.

    Why aren't serial killers purging us of men like this and instead of being a virus to society they can be agents of society...just saying.

    Maybe our #$%$@#$#bags politicians, Presidents and all the rest of them in office realize the next bubble they create and the orchestrate for another crash this new generation will have little tolerance for them and being voted out of office will their least offense.

    Perhaps lady justice is blind but all the guilty parties are being you hear that SEC, the men who guide you into such postions as well....

    Hopefully the Youth of America are rallying to start REFROMATIONS OR REVOLUTION, INK OR BLOOD!! in the next coming great fleecing of the American Citizen!

    Please pass this on emails and share such conversations at the dinner table. They are killing us all and it is time we treat them like the cancer they are and remove them all.

    For the record I am a man of non violence and would love to see a march like the Indians and their leader Gandhi did and we as American surround this white house and start packing U Hauls. Are your children going to keep taking bullets for a legislature that keeps stealing their children and parents dreams!! M.F'ers they are!

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