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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 11, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    Mr. Presidnent

    Thanks You DB. May I call you a DB?

    My pay check is much smaller then it was before.

    You Republicans and Democrats keep up the good work keeping your foot on our throats of Americans so we can barely breathe!

    Question how long is the US CITIZEN going to allow Wall St. and these two politcal parties destroy what so many died for?

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    • Any opinions if this guy DeHoog from Money News predictions come, Will the common citizen be taking to the street and heading to the White House to burn it down and start a new government? Just saying after what his predictions are painting the future.

      I don't think this country will tolerate for a minute another second of a Democrat or Republican holding any office aside for dog catcher? Do these men in Congress realize, never mind if they can hold office do they realize, a new government will most likely demand they be imprisoned for crimes against the US Citizen, the population will be screaming for blood?

      The Anarchist Party may even blossom? Perhaps the libertarian party will be elected? No politician will be allowed to repeat or hold office like these current politicians have been doing so?

      Will there be lists put together to find and exact justice on the men who led America to this point?

      Will the media be burned to the ground since so few American's have any faith they present the truth to the American Citizen?

      Trying to embarrass that 20 yr old on national TV was disgusting during the OCCUPY WALL STREET. We haven't forgotten!

      What will this nation look like by 2015 or 2016?

      Will the US Armed Forces continue to protect a government that has gone so terrible for its US Citizen, riots across the nation?

      Interesting reading and down right hellish predictions in his should be reading it.

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