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  • tony.paganini tony.paganini Feb 12, 2013 7:40 AM Flag

    Writing on the wall

    GS downgrades global equities, barclays cuts jobs, losses mount in bank bailouts.... Ready, set, gtfo

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    • exactly.


      Understand Goldman Sachs is a untrustworthy source ALWAYS and share such opinions with friends and family as well as co-workers?

      Barclays Scandal has exposed them to be CHEATS. The SEC in ability has led to ALL to question how much collusion goes on and how much of it the US Government and since the President is the CEO of this ship it falls on his footsteps. Therefore to extrapolate all and current previous Presidents are in on "the game" aka stealing your money. In Ole Dodge City signs on trees would be littered with the writing "this is what we do here to rustlers"?

      Bank bailouts occurred because the blue bloods had so much of their money in it as well as sovereign nations which would have been catastrophically to the US Government and the Domino's of so many regimes would have fallen to chaos and they would be the first to be hunted down by creditors and the citizens of angry nations?

      When the levy breaks I don't think these politicians realize the armed forces will not be able to protect them from the US CITIZEN exacting justice, unfortunately it will be a mob mentality and many lives will be lost, but lists will be scratched off which one can extrapolate to?

      Either way it will be interesting to watch it all unfold. I assume a mass exodus will incur then families fleeing for their lives? I wonder if guilty parties will be hunted down, the Israelis did it for decades against persons they deemed "war criminals" with hit squads, correct? sanctioned by probably the same blood line that has started the domino effect in the US?

      These are the chapters in the books they probably did not want people to be reading.

      Feel free to email this to the President and Head of Congress' House and Senate along with the media. Why aren't they discussing such topics in the media head lines already? These are the topics of conversations one should be sharing at the dinner table.

      The levy is undoubtedly going to break because greed is a cancer.

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      • Check out the book

        by peter schweizer

        haven't read it but the title says it all and the sentiment is getting louder and louder among the US Citizen !!

        Put this on Congress and President's reading list.

        The CIA, FBI, NSA and Homeland Security should relax and let it all unfold, stop being good little soldiers. They are here to take what you tried to save for us all.

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