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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 12, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    Why you know this new high is nothing more then cattle being brought to the SLAUGHTER

    All time high!! hahahaha!!

    What a joke and this is why the financial media is just as bad as the collusion of Wall St. and our President and the other 2 branches.

    Questions to ask yourself...

    Recall when the market was rolling last...

    1. Unemployment was no where this HIGH ! OVER 7% difference from those lows to now
    2. Go on and try to get a new position and ask for a SIGNING BONUS, see what response you get.
    3. Last I checked construction is still DEPRESSED.

    This is nothing more then inflation catching up to the stock market.

    Milk has gone up.
    Candy Bars have gone up.

    So will the pps of stocks.

    They want to dump their shares at highs before the reality of it all comes crashing down.

    Make sure your buying shares so they can fleece you of more of your money whatever is left.

    Then stay quiet and take it like a good boy!

    We will see today how much of CAD our leader is tonight and how much in bed the media circus is with the fleecing of its citizens!

    Shares these topics of conversation at the dinner table. Perhaps Michelle Obama can share this at her dinner table just so she can hand her husband a dose of reality. Just saying.

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