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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 18, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    Collusion and US Politics

    The election and who is counting the votes? It is not you and I !!

    How trust worthy are they? Are the same men who appointed to the SEC?

    They failed to wipe out or bankrupt every "tobacco" company in the USA the day we found out they lied to us ALL about cancer and tobaccos side effects! Another deep six of information.

    Remember the US Government and BIG TOBACCO "crucified" countless people after full well knowing what their product did to its patrons.

    End result if the US Government failed to exact justice, as a nation of responsible citizens, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters we should have marched to every tobacco company with brand of OLE DODGE CITY BRAND of JUSTICE! with signs posted that read "this is what happens to RUSTLERS around these parts!!!"

    We failed ourselves and set a precedence of "hey don't worry you can have mass genocide of a globe as a direct result of your product and be only FINED for your deception in presenting information of the health results done by studies"!! Seriously we can still light a match to resolve this situation. Food for thought, bring this topic of conversation up at your next local political meeting.

    I am not sure why GM is still around, you produce a product that is subpar for your customers and then you run your company into the ground, why are we paying for it? Why? Because so many of the politicians had so many shares of it in their portfolios and a failure would have resulted in the collapse of their political parties and portfolios! "Don't be fooled again", as The Who scream!

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    • Survival for the political parties is paramount over doing what is correct path for a nation and it's citizens. This is what your dealing with when you see a Romney, McConnell, Bush, Clinton; all of them.

      You should be angry as hell that the Dollar gets taxed by the government twice at the business owner level and the employee level, the US Government to give a good kick in the nuts taxes you when you purchase items with that Dollar. Now that isn't enough they have decided to devalue the Dollar you don't spend. In 1776 it was greeted with a REVOLUTION !!!

      They are in essence destroying the future of your children while they secure the future of their own children. Snuff your children in bed instead of allowing a stranger with a face who can sweet talk you into the frenzy of patriotism and make you sacrifice you and your families lives for the gain of others

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