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  • jforuus jforuus Mar 18, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

    Squawk Box this morning finally admits Collusion occurs

    Nice job Mo, F Joe, you keep call out names and yes the entire Congress is to blame.

    Joe stop being a good ole boy sucking on the left of your mom and start calling out politicians by name of their short comings to their responsibility to the US Citizen. You have a daughter, Joe? Never-mind, she will be part of the other crew.

    This is all getting personal at every level for us all in the US, figure that out, everybody child is being affected by the collusion of this market.

    To the producers of SQUAWK GARBAGE..spare us on the shill you put on to show us how the crack down is coming, the citizens of this country demand blood of Senators and Congressmen on the steps of Olympus!! At the very least we need parades of men being disgraced and led to a small room in cuffs for SEVERAL YEARS.

    Now your finally bringing to light the collusion of FAKE VOLUME, how long have we known about it? Yet it takes you how long to CRITICIZE and bring to light such GREAT FAULTS, show some integrity and start being forthright journalists without an agenda for them, that is all you are to us.

    Lines are being drawn and the purge will eventually find one side as it always does.

    Please email and shares such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

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