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  • jforuus jforuus Mar 20, 2013 5:40 PM Flag

    Challenge to CNBC

    Why don't you put up a poll to determine what percentage of your viewers believe you to be

    a. clueless
    b. liars
    c. cheats
    d all of the above
    e. none of the above

    Do you producers have the integrity to put together such a poll? I seriously doubt those cowards do, correct?

    Throw in the poll are you ready to ask for the resignation of Congressmen if they can't get their act together, then we can start talking about a REFORMATION OR AND REVOLUTION with the blood of Senators and Congressmen flowing on the White House Steps? How else do you treat people who steal from you?

    Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table and feel free to copy and paste such links to friends and family, let us collude upon the truth as they do upon lies?

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    • I suggest you invest in a conservative value oriented fund.

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      • You can't hide your money from swindlers and sleight of hand theives.

        Investing in rope the kind they used in Ole Dodge City on rustlers like the kind we have on Capital Hill, when the next time they bring this down to 6900, we may have the decency to offer you a final smoke!!

        Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

    • Or address why Homeland Security is purchasing all that ammo? They understand that the US Government will be in direct assault by the U.S. Citizens when the next leg drops since the US Citizen is at the precipice of their limits. Where no longer can they turn a blind eye to their families futures being destroyed by the current and past governing regimes? Just using the word "regime" should speak volume the roaches never want to be identified with such monikers, do they? We have seen our retirment age pushed out from working 25 years and collecting a pension, a employee worked for 25 years starting at 18 who retires at 43 which has snowballed into 52, 55, 57 1/2, 62 1/2, 65 and now currently 70 and 72!! Are you kidding us. They do this simply to ensure cash flow continues to grow and build to support their programs and agendas, the big picture.

      They realize the US Citizen to be stupid and forward thinking as far as their nose, an inslut. It is time for you to send a clear message to the Republicans, Democrats, Lobbyists, Corp-America and our children.

      Eventally the media will be exposed for what they truly have become which are arms of manipulation aside for small pockets which have remained steafast to reporting facts and the truth.

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

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      • So whats the trade and pivot? The market? Resource prices? What to do about the sheep?

      • LI ms__id2768

        These are the messages our President should be reading to Congress and nailing to it's door for the career politicians that are enraging a nation within and regardless of how many other tactics of "waring with other nations to promote patriotism and side track the true problems that face us as a nation with this current political regime". Politicians do not build nations, men and women build nations.Lobbyists do not promote civic duty but self advancing goals.Career politicians have become a way of life, a cancer for this nation.

        Corp-America will have your child fly in a Billion $ aircraft that affixiates them, then deny the problem until US Pilots refuse to fly their sub-par billion dollar war crafts. GSK can run baby trial and murder dozens for a few thousand dollars, Corzine can destroy lives by the thousands and his SOB cronies pat him on the back with an "atta boy".

        This country will demand justice, starting with Wall St. and this pathetic rally where they have devalued the dollar and now brintg it to new highs with this devalued dollar is a joke and disgrace to your and our intellects, this should infuriate you and it does other nations who refuse to accept the Greenback and now would rather we pay them with programs such as cash for clunkers. The collusion is unbeievelable and our own last 5 President's and Fed Chairman have been guilty of it, we truly have become a nation with a broken compass and little to no honor among our politicans who lay in bed with War MONGERING Generals who seem to think it is better a nation sacrficies your children by not spending Trillions on finding cures for diseases but Trillions on killing a man with a F'ng tiny farm 8K mi. away.lYou men running the wire-taps and working for Homeland Security shouldn't be good soldiers and do not forge bonds with men who are destroying your own nation from within. Wake up before they start asking you to fire upon your own sons, daughters and family.
        Pleas share such topics.

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