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  • jforuus jforuus Mar 28, 2013 8:20 AM Flag

    Sqauwk Box and the problem with such media is

    They spend hours every day on air but never truly address the fact that over 80% believe that the US Government and Wall St,. are corrupt and collude to steal our money constantly, prime example is interest rates strong arming currently going on. How do you expect to be delineated from the corruption that permeates from Wall St. your untrustworthy, rating might be there but sentiment and money is quietly now just watching and being amused.

    You should avoid the market for several generations if you value your money and dignity.

    Do you trust philanderer to change his/her ways? Do you trust Wall St. to stop playing what they call "THE GAME", aka stealing your money? Seriously they call it a game.

    Take the pretty women from Gabelli today in an interview, her firm charges an arm and a leg for fees and when all and said and done it breaks even with the index if they are lucky, do they thank you for your money? We get it your firm owns all the large cap tickers and you want us to purchase them at higher rates now, so laughable.

    First the problem has to be admit, journalistic integrity should find itself and identify the problem constantly roving for such management and Board of Directors who are questionable. How else are we going to purge them. Peers should be ousting corrupt brokerage houses. Oh that is correct, they don't want to purge it they want to "play the game".

    Please share such topics of conversation around the dinner table, email and forward this to friends.

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    • Instead of ciriticing other profession lets do an assesment on the ills of our own financial professions shortcomings.

      "Curtis Dowling and his team of investigators are out to expose the fakes! They are on a mission to help collectors of art and antiques discover if they're holding trash or treasure."

    • Barclay's wasn't dis-membered after they were exposed for their colluding corruption, instead Billions cheer in their stadiums, no wonder why they think it is ok to steal from us.

      Jon Corzine isn't being flogged instead his cronies gave him "atta boys", you elected all of them and keep them in position when they are only fit to be dog groomers.

      The Box Squawks about nothing, except tales told about 6 idiots every morning.

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