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  • scifijoe2001 scifijoe2001 Apr 5, 2013 10:50 AM Flag


    It amazes me how our government plays games with us.

    If Congress had their acts together we would not be having these problems in our economy including the continuing pumping of money that is being pumped out through the FRB.

    It also doesn't help having a president who refuses to lead and take resonsibilkty for his actions or lack of.

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    • It is time for all of us to start sending a message to the White House that we have drawn the line and composing the list of individuals who have committed treason against the US Citizen, for we all know what the US Government is populated with treacherous and treasonous individuals and a PURGE must be executed if we are to save the future of our children and ours.

      It is time we stop writing books and start with clear action towards the purge of these criminals.

      Mr. President nail this note on the Congress door, these career politicians need to be removed, your skin color will not pacify or drown out the voice that cries for justice, tell your cronies your election perhaps has paused this purge but it will occur either with a cast at the ballot polls but not the kind these fat blue blood pigs believe it to be. Even Zeus lost his lightning bolt.

    • Two down days in a row may spell the beginning of a correction.

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