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  • jforuus jforuus Apr 7, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    2015 March on the White House - Tell your croniies there is a STORM COMING

    All we need is a small web site starting up at the end of 2013 and when this economy tanks it will invigorate many to join. But this one will be the Mother of ALL Rallies....

    March to take back America for its Citizens..

    which will include an invitation to the leaders of the listed below previous rally organizations:

    Climate Control Marchers
    Rolling Thunder
    Appalachia Rising Marchers
    Anti-Obama tea party Marchers
    Anti-Republican Marchers
    Black-Man Million Man March
    Women's Marchers
    Occupy Marchers
    One Nation Working Together March for Jobs, Peace and Justice
    March for America
    Over 9000 Anonymous March
    October Rebellion
    United for Peace and Justice
    Million Worker March
    National Organization for Women
    Taxpayer March on Washington
    National Equality March
    Funk the War

    We will not be looking for authorization to march either, and with a promise to return in 2016 if the US Citizens demand is not satisfied to escort ALL of you men out. 30M of us can all just vote you out on the spot? You would have the honor to leave peacefully then correct?

    Perhaps we start it in May when the stock market Schills normally make it dive and head to their Million Dollar summer homes while men and women of servitude reign in sweat shop like conditions. Where is your vacation home?

    You have 25 months..Tic Toc.

    Post this on the doors of Congress. Let your puppet media know as well.

    Don't let them fool you by taking away 5 years of savings and interest in a decade..remember all these men who ran the companies that congress and its cronies invested in who received their million $$ bonuses, where are your bonuses? where are your children's college funds which you depleted? where is all that tax money you paid for so many years?

    Please reach out to all of these organizations and let us start discussions. These are the topics of discussion we need to be having at the dinner table to expose the truth about "the game" of stealing our money and families futures.

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