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  • jforuus jforuus Apr 18, 2013 3:56 PM Flag

    Is the US Government a Bomb Maker attacking their own citizens?

    One has to ask these questions and serioulsy ponder over the realities of such conclusions.

    Interpolating and Extrapolating:

    Markets crash
    US Gov't bails out banks with US Citizen TRILLIONS
    Millions unemployed
    Tens of Millions speaking about DESTROYING current political structure
    Goldman Sachs finally convicted and fined, pennies on the dollar
    Libor scandal breaks, no one is arressted or executed
    Congress and insider trading is a mainstay
    Jon Corzine loses $1.6B, a former Senator, Congressmen and Goldman Sachs CEO
    Black man is elected president to curtail the contempt the US Citizen has for its political called leaders
    Unemployment is down less then 8%, reality is it is at 23%, borderline catalyst numbers for a Revolution
    Trillions are spent for WMD, no WMD found, Corporations make record profits

    Notice the propaganda media blitzes the airwaves and screen with terrorist movies after this latest blast in Boston, another diversion from allowing the US Citizen from cleaning up the Dirty WHITE HOUSE and CONGRESS?

    not to hard to believe.
    We don't trust Wall St. (they call stealing our money "the game")
    We don't trust our political leaders (Jon Corzine god know what he did in office, keep printing new money and devaluing our saved money,They shoved it deep to Ollie North.)
    We don't trust Big Banks (too big to fail but the banks have only gotten bigger now more then ever_
    We don't trust Corporations (Cogwells Spencer Inc. past 2 CEO set up their company to be taken over, GSK baby drug testing murdering dozens and pays $29K a babie?, tobacco companies deep shelf reports cigarettes cause cancer for over 70 years)

    Are we turly suppose to trust these people? Not be looking for rope to treat them how they would have been treated in Ole Dodge City, with a sign this is what we do to rustlers around here. Putting a black man in office or next perhaps a woman shouldn't quell your thirst for justice and the truth.
    The list and points can go on foreve

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