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  • plfblue7 plfblue7 Apr 29, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    DOW 15,000 coming

    This stock market is so manipulated by the FED and Wall Street Gang
    you just knew this would run up to just blow out the shorts and sucker
    in the last remaining longs to jump aboard.

    This will come to an end more badly then most investors care to
    imagine. I figured the disconnect between reality and the economy
    go on a little further. Those out there with lots of 401(k) and IRA money
    in this QE pushed stock market should really think about taking some
    money off the table.

    Then again didn't Barons give a recent warning of DOW 16,000. Jessie
    Livermore said the market can remain irrational longer than you can
    remain liquid.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Why not!! it should be 24,000 with all the new money we printed in the past 5 years!

      They want you to be excited and hope you don't notice the watering down they have done.

      This governement thinks you are stupid, are you stupid? This President's cabinet clearly thinks the US CITIZEN is #$%$ and doesn't notice what is really going on.

      If they were to stop printing now and the DOW hits 24,000 thenonly then will it make up for the 5 years of gains they stole from us and (slipped into the hands of big banks whose Chairman of each one should have been repeatedly pitsol whipped every 3rd wed of the month until all of our money was paid back, especially GM and UAW Union Leader) and the savings they have destroyed by devaluing dollar. This Corp-America and US GOVERMENT CAREER POLITICIAN union needs to be MURDERED with extreme prejuidice as they have been attacking the US CITIZENS since so far back we can no longer even recall.

      Dear Mr. President please nail this to the F'ng doors of your cabinet and senate doors.

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