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  • jforuus jforuus May 18, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    A baby step for The MOTLEY FOOL, but an applause we shall give you.

    The pseudo-journalist Motley Fool finally wants to be actually made it's first small step regardless how insignificant with a promo-mailing with the title

    "The Desperate, Deceptive Measures Penny Stock Scammers Use to Dupe Investors ".

    Excellent job, we commend you, albeit it was your first ever significant reference to the underbelly of the business they call "the game"; stealing our money.

    Admitting the problem is the first step!

    Now your going to have to build upon this if you want your readers to actually reference you in dinner conversation as more then a prescription based model for enriching your $15,000 suit wearing founders (regardless if they wear them or not, it is the common man's jab at what is wrong with their lack of sensitivity to the surroundings of their profession and incredulous ability to sweep under the carpet the sickness that is cancerous from the Park St. puppet masters to the Wall St. puppets which finally falls to the laps of Corp-America and Career Politicians and lobbyists).

    Now it is time to actually make enemies for the sake of being true to your craft. Identifying all CEO's and BOD teams that continoulsy fail their share holders with ineptness and or fraud. Catch phrases to warn your readers who one day may perhaps come to in time refer to you as true journalists without an ulterior motives. Your going to have to stop licking the feet of many of the cads you have put on pedestals and start exposing them as what they truly are. Will you rise to this endeavor or will upper management quell young true journalists at the TMF who hunger to live up to the dipolomas they hang so proudly upon their walls. Will they if faced with management made walls become whistle blowers for last resort to spread the truth. Will they follow the model of burn down the building rather then build empires with lies, deceptions, collusion and mis-information?

    All of you journalists under the age of 24 are still pure unlike the people you answer to.

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    • Finally a write up with the vocabulary of "BRIBES" in its body! Whoa!! Be careful you may actually start being noticed and mentioned in conversation with other terms such as "integrity and honesty".

      Your going to have to go far more deeper then the the superficial attack on "penny stock scammers". Perhaps call out the history of such companies and brokers that collude to create "fake volume", prime example, ZAP JONWAY , IDENTA CORP etc. The inability of the SEC to bring such persons to justice, Mary Jo are you on strings and if so do you have the ability to cut these strings? Such questions should be posed publicly in articles. Ventas, Cogdwell Spencer's last 2 CEO ability or ineptness to fleece its shareholders, a common theme of man BOD who function on the BIG BOARDS, Cornerstone Funds and PIMCO's ponzi like structure and many other close ended funds.

      If you want to make a name for yourself, inform many of the truth and change how "the game" is and continuous to be played, your going to have to shine the light on much larger cockroaches. Yes it will not be pretty, but it will be liberating for a nation, this is your chance to sacrifice as so many others have sacrificed their lives, you will have to sacrifice on writing on subject matter that is unpopular among financial pseudo-journalistic circles. Your ability to write on such topics to call out why wasn't Jon Corzine dragged out in the middle of the night and forced to watch his entire empire burn. Barclay's should be fined and the money distributed to every man and child in this world who holds a bank account, instead of governments hoarding the fines themselves to pay for and help maintain their influence to stay in their elected postions.

      My apologizes, something I should have started off with at top of this post...

      "Brian Richards we salute you for being the first in the past 5 years that I have noticed to have a write up on the men who call stealing our money, "the game"."

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      • Now that is out of the way, let us see if TMF actually has the nads to call out the TRUE LARGER ILLLS of the financial system? Will they actually rise to the challenge of calling out the larger players or at least question them publicly?

        This nation and world demands more then just a sacrifical lamb "the penny scammer" we want pulled pork such as Billion Dollar coporations to be question serioulsly and publicly. The volume has dried up so much, why? You know the answer.

        As I tell everyone if you see a distressed family of 5 in the desert with the head of household in the financial community political system and a BOD director of any company, better to keep driving rather than to help them so they and their spawns can get back into society to plague and brutalize it further.

        They have had no mercy on the millions of lives they destroyed and starting a philanthropic services at the twilight of their careers will not wash the blood on their hands nor will it wash the tears of so many whose lives have been destroyed, old and young, futures and pasts wiped.

        It is your civic duty to let that family of 5 to die. There are millions of persons who should be retired by now that have been victimized and their entire families, the butterfly effect more prevalent then ever in such cases. Why because you showed mercy to those who called destroying our lives "the game". Is it fair that 65 yr old person that saved for 35 plus years gets nearly wiped out entirely by such men and their greed. His only fault was that he believe the government wasn't colluding with such men when they started making 401K the means to retirement for the masses. Which gave the devil the keys to the church/temple and chain and lock around your neck.

        For all of you who have family members who sacrificed their lives for this country, #$%$ on their graves as well.

        Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

        Mr. President please nail this post to the doors of the House and Congress.

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