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  • jforuus jforuus May 29, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    The men who gave Bill Gross and Mohamed el-erian -CNBC

    All those awards failed us also. The countless awards over the years and fannig the smoke in our eyes.

    They should have been seen all of this since they are privy to information and have a pedigree as well as schooling in the buisness.

    These are the next list of men we shall be going after. Lets us share such topics of conversation to identify organizations whose people fail to expose such catalysmical events instead just lead unsuspecting others to their demise.

    Recipients of the 2012 UCI Medal are: where who? seriously? UCI is failing to teach its students the merit of integrity.

    Bill how about you #$%$ and actually start start playing defense for the men who you charge fees for and not just cater to those who have 7 figures or more in holdings? Get rid of Hans, he is worthless, is he married to your sister or something? Maybe let Mo actually run with it all since your too busy on the magical mystery tour and running your own finances as opposed to the finances of your funds?

    CNBC is worthless, they DARE not say anything about PIMCO and its failures thus far. Why? Because PIMCO is an advertiser of many of their shows. Can't bite the hand that feeds you, a major flaw, now what? PIMCO's PHK fund has been underfire and not one word found regarding it. They two Titans of charging FEES next to Mario Gabelli are interviewed countlessly on air but never asked about the funds in their own house failing. #$%$ CNBC and your producers, that was as DIRECT as I can be, you follow? Jon Corzine was their butt bo jangle boy and you know his integrity and honesty at first hand

    Take away is that you should avoid listening to ANY THING SQUAWK BOX OR ANY OTHER FINANCIAL SHOWS you come across. How can you expect any integrity in the news they report if they SELECT only news to report from those who are not their paying clients/advertisers.

    Please email and share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table. They collude upon the lies we shall collude upon the trut

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    • No more MFS Global Jon Corzine advertisement money? Thanks for wrecking so many lives.You can't count on the SEC to save us from them. You will have to count on organzing ourselves to SEARCH, SEEK and DESTROY them ourselves.

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table with others.

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