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  • jforuus jforuus May 29, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    Meeting at the WHITE HOUSE LAWN when DOW hits 10K or are you going to wait till 6900K?

    We put an end to this Administration (past 200 years of collusion and abuse of the US Citizen) and call for an emergency US CITIZEN election.

    First Order of Buisness will be to oust every career politician (anyone in office for more then a DECADE must go!!)

    Second Order of Buisness will be to oust every Lobbyists.

    Third Order of Buisness will be to compose a bill of term limits and revised term limits.

    Fourth Order of Buisness will be to stop basing the retirment future of the US CITIZEN with the wolves of the financial industry who have stolen and lied to us from the start.

    Fifht Order of Buisness will be to bring past officals to justice.

    Sixth Order of Buisness will be to bring all the boys home and stop funding other nations, we can't afford it nor do we want to.

    Seventh Order of Buisness will be to figure out our energy supplies and price them accordingly.

    Please emal this to friends and family. Share such topics of conversation at the dinner table. Let your local politican know he maybe getting the nod sooner then he knows it, we need a new country/world order. Slaves with intellect they have kept us for too long. Tell your children the oaths they took to protect and serve have been oaths to those who are self-serving and have destroyed all of our futures. Our entire retirement have been under constant attack, we can't hide our money in savings accounts with them devaluing the dollar, we can't hide them in 401K giving wolves all the red meat to safegaurd, while they discard all pension plans leaving you at the mercy of them. The citizens of this country are in a rage, giving us a few bucks to protect is no longer going to keep us quiet. WE NEED A CHANGE.

    Mr. President please nail this to inside doors of Congress. Let them know OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED BUT THEIR DAY HAS ARRIVED.

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