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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 3, 2013 10:28 PM Flag


    "SAC may cut staff, offices as probe pushes investors away"

    Good! let us send a clear message to the investing community, the US Government will no longer COLLUDE and PRICE RIG as it has in the past, cough cough Barclay and Congress insider trading, they should be pistol whipped.

    The US Citizen knows the US GOVERNMENT to have made past terrible decisions regarding collusion.

    Senator Lautenberg!! finally, one way for a career politician to leave the building, Reid perhaps next, we can only hope!! and many more to follow via DEATH or EJECTION; a cancer in the US Political system the career politicians have been.

    Hopefully the SEC will continue to bury many more funds and fund managers if they want actually clean up Wall St.

    This should be only the start and snow ball into ejecting fund managers who have failed their investors and continue to do so if the SEC wants to be taken seriously. It is obvious the big wig cats at Barclays are untouchable, hence #$%$ still sits in the corner and the US Citizen has not and will not forget.

    One way or another they will be brought to justice eventually, if not them, then at least their accounts should be frozen and removed from their families.

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