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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 14, 2013 12:53 AM Flag

    Will the US Soldier keep following orders when this happen?

    ALERT: CIA Adviser: ‘Financial War’ Will Wipe Out Your Savings

    We certainly are at the precipice of new world order if this is to happen.

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    • Do we hold tribunals?

      Has the NSA, FBI, CIA and Homeland Security ALL FAILED THE US CITIZEN, they will all be dismissed, I hope so if this is the case. Will ALL the living leaders of these so called national institutions be tried and judged by the US CITIZEN for failure.

      Will the pseudo-journalists finally be ejected and stripped of all hold any type of QUILL?

      Will Park Avenue burn along with Wall St.?

      Tic Toc?

      These are questions many Americans are asking. these are questions that many unemployed American are asking?

      Did Slick Willy really sell the US CITIZEN down the river along with all the men that sandwiched him?

      The MUSIC IS OVER?

      Will legacies be stripped of wealth across the board?

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      • For the record the last enlisted person I talked to they laughed at those insurance commercials regarding being a member and having it passed down to other generations, 14 years is what one said had to wait to finally receive it after 14 years of attempt. Trillions stolen from us and they can't spend a Billion to make soldiers whole with some lousy Bio-medical research. We are all being played? We know the answer.

        More and more whistle blowers need to start coming out and exposing the truth to the US Citizen until he has no choice but to surround the white house and burn it to the ground with the TRUTH itself?

        They are shoving it deep into us all and don't kid yourself. We are going tired yet? Or do we need the futures of a few more generations to be murdered before we have a mercury rising situation.

        You can't keep stuffing bodies in the trunks of Cadillacs?

        Mr President please post this on the doors of Congress.

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