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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 17, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

    EUREKA!! "Yes, the Markets Are Rigged: How to Survive the Shark-Infested Waters"

    Congrats to the pseudo-journalists for finally admitting the PROBLEM. Eureka! You finally are speaking about what most of free world and thinkers have realized and where you have been nothing more than just arms of manipulation; TRUTH BE TOLD. You are not without blame, but an intricate part of the plague. This you shall never admit but we know the truth anyone with a pulse and the ability to add single double digits numbers in their head recognizes this.

    The next step before investors come back will be the great purge you will have to lead. The question is will how will you deal with all these companies that are part of “the game” called stealing our money. How are you going to trickle off of the poison that you have been distributing to all of us and gain our trust. You will never is the answer. Let us move past this now. It will take much time and humiliation along with imprisonment of many of your constituents or perhaps time and death will save them the embarrassment of it but which can end up leaving you holding the bag. The blood that already stains your hands never to be removed and you shall wear this scarlet letter for decades if not into the next century.

    The youth of the US are willing to walk away from the current politics you are finally realizing. Soon the numbers will be on our side and a GREAT PURGE shall start to catch even further momentum. We understand you want to be on the winning side but your stripes have been seen and labeled.

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    • The pseudo journalists will have to start becoming objectively critical of the analysts, something that has never been and will be unchartered territory. Exposes must be written on “Fake VOLUME” and how many use such tactics constantly to create illusion. You shall need to address the current political REGIME’s inability to deal with governing themselves, cough cough, the current politically aligned and appointed SEC which is a joke( size and the length of their arm will need to increate as well as the penalties in many and most cases dissolving such companies as necessary.. Jon Corzine and countless others who receive “atta boys” and the committees who oversaw these “atta boys will need to be brought to the front and addressed with immediate expulsion. This is not to be done to create a moat for the select few. They youth of each generation are far smarter than their predecessors and for your sakes you realize less tolerant as each generation is birthed. Eventually there will be boar hunts to find such corruption that at the moment plagues our financial terrorist’s organizations that are intertwined with career politicians, lobbyists and corp-America.

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      • We are not about SURVIVAL but about PURGING or DREDGING these waters. As always you want to allign yourself winning side. Time and truth are on our side you will need and the US CITIZEN will and does demanad far more then what you have offered them in the past or perpare to write your own eulogies as an industry of pseudo-jouranlists.

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