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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 18, 2013 10:00 AM Flag

    This is the new Pledge of Allegiance?

    I __________________ pledge the next time DOW is brought down by 50% or more, I shall show up in less then 48 hours at Washington DC wearing a white feather and surround the White House with locked arms with my fellow US Citizens of all races. To correct what should have been corrected almost a century ago. No longer will we the US Citizen allow men who elected by the US Citizen yet at every turn illustrate their allegiance to be for the primary interest of Corp-America, lobbyists and foreign institutions with the interest of the US Citizen as an auxiliary motive to be financial terrorists to this nation. This political regime which describes itself as "Republican and Democrats" we the US Citizen shall help exit in a non-violent yet immediately out of the White House and Congress since our judicial system has been handcuffed and become obsolete to address this nation's needs and the SEC can no longer certainly safeguard the future's of this great nation any longer, if ever.

    Non- democrat and non-Republican representatives currently serving at the local level will be elevated to newly vacated ranks

    Last names from A to F will be assigned 18th St. NW
    Last names from G to K will be assigned H St. NW
    Last names from L to S will be assigned 14th St. NW
    Last names from T to Z will assigned at Constitution Ave. NW

    Thereafter on the 50th hour we shall start to move non-violently but certainly marching to the White House if a formal press conference has not been held announcing the resignation of all current Republican and Democratic regime members.

    Please copy, paste (message boards) and email this to other US Citizens and ask them to take the pledge, together we can stamp out cancer, energy crisis, disease as well ineptness of the current two tier political regime that continuously fails the US Citizen. Communication will be the next vaccine to cure the US Citizen of the ills that plague us unnecessarily.

    Mr. President please nail this to the Doors of Congress.

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    • Just saying. What is the boling point of this nation before we start to recognize we can improve upon a system that was designed over 2 centuries ago.

      We need a new version, just like we have new versions of cars, text books for schools, software, I-phones. Perhaps it is time we say, "hey this current two political system which should be called a regime isn't working out anymore for this nation which isn't the infant it was two plus centuries ago". It is time for the US Citizien to rrevise the Constitution, 2.0. Buisness after centuries put together a new "mission statement", why shouldn't a nation of more well educated and talented people be able to overhaul a nation's governing literature that allows a Congress insider trading, locked doors and sealed files on meetings regarding the future of a nation. Perhaps we wouldn't have had a Jon Corzine situation, a GM failing, a Goldman Sachs shortcomings that brought an entire nation down. We haven't corrected to problems and nor does it look like we will be able to in the future.

      A nation's credit rating has suffered under this two political regime labeled as the Republicans and Democrats. What more do you need to illustrate we are in trouble and the ole Donkey and Republican are ill suited to handle the new ERA that is upon us, where educated men and women liter the streets and no longer does the US Citizen need to be coddled as if we are walking around with a 2nd grade education.

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table. Please share such topics of conversation at your local politcal meetings and pass this pledge around. Let us an entire body of concerned citizens send a message to both political regimes that the US Citizen shall and will not any longer make excuses for your poor decisions. You have set back if not destroyed our grand parents retirments by 5 plus years. You have destroyed the growth of the current work force by 10 years easily. If you can not offer us the Months and Years

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      • of our lives back then you have no right to take so much without having the courtsey to ask permission to take so much. If we want change in the US we will have to start with the top as well as the bottom. It is time this political system understands its extincition is being planned for if it can not evolve for a greater good. Waging wars and striking fear in ciizens like the KGB, SS and now Homeland Security will not dectract the US Citizen as well as in the past. How far are they wiling to go to keep control is the question?

        News articles like this and many others are being authored finally by pseudo journalist sites such as the Motley TOOL, Seeking CRAPOLLA, BARRON VON RIP U OFF, Last smoke on Wall St., CNBC we never pose critical questions to our paid sponsors who are the entire pool of conversation our readers look to us for to find information…..we can go on. The media has been shills and arms of manipulation as well, but that is another story.

        "The Markets Are Rigged, And You Are The Sucker At The Table"

        "Yes, the Markets Are Rigged: How to Survive the Shark-Infested Waters"

        Don't be good soldiers and follow instructions to opress your fellow citizens.

    • Is yahoo allowing them the KGB and SS, I mean Homeland Security use them as pawns?

    • Please TWEET others to take the pledge.

      The American Citizen is counting on you, obviously this current Republican and Democratic Regime has had a profound negative affect on the citizenship and fabric of our lives.

      You will need to rise to protect those who made sacrifices and left families behind.

      The US Government stole their money via savings accounts and Wall Street stole their retirement. It is up to us to protect them by purging this current political regime and advancing non-republican and non-democrat politicians.

      It is time we show the world the WASHINGTON DC SPRING MOVEMENT.

    • tic toc

    • Hopefully we remember that when faced with tyranny and collusion to fleece the censorship of the US our blood boils and so does a great purge and movement shall begin at the voting booth, to start with.

      Do not let the SCABS on your wounds forget the disgust we must maintain for this current financial political two tier system called the Republicans and Democrats.

      Blood must flow at the ballot poles with regards to casualties from BOTH parties in the double digits!!

      Please share such topics of conversation.

    • remember to bring the list of the committee members that have failed us and continue to fail us.

      The US Citizen MUST relieve them of their office since they are recognized to be unfit, whether it be one or 10 or the entire committee.

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

    • They have started now stealing whatever was left or moved to the BOND Market.

      A 30 yr old Bond Market comes to an END, WHY?

      These Republicans,Democrats in office are dangerous combined with the handshakes of Corporations and Financial Institutions they are OUTRIGHT FATAL.

      This political system needs to be revised and revamped if these old men, let us call them crooks, liars and cheats or CONGRESS.

      The only remedy left is to put the DOG DOWN THAT BITES YOUR HAND. If Mary Jo White can't control her kennel we certainly need a larger whip. It is time for this BOGUS PRESIDENT put more funds into the SEC to crush the garbage that runs Wall St.

      The old men at the helm of these corporations that are too large to fail, need to be removed immediately, fortunately for them it is done in a humane way by even those they have wronged.

      Tic Toc

    • please pass this on if you love your country and more importantly are tired of allowing Criminals who call themselves Congress to violate our rights, steal our money and future while they double dip as lobbyists for corporations that will without thought tell you its "OK" to smoke and it will not kill you for over a CENTURY?

      This is the breed we are dealing with, when you have a bad horse, you have to put him down else you have to put the entire herd down. After a century it is safe to say this entire herd is beyond saving. Time to vote them out and talk about who you voted for with others at the dinner table. Vote rigging is going on.

      Please share such topics of conversations with others at the dinner table.

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      • Have you taken it and passed it on for the sake of your children. They band together with Billion$$ (which they STOLE FROM US) to use the media as their propoganda we only have ourselves to share information and knowledge so your families present and future are counting on us to band together to simply VOTE these POS out ONE OR 5 OUT AT A TIME....what ever it takes.

        Please share this with others and ask your family members and neighbors to take the pledge. Look at your child and I can bet you a few of them can't go to the college they wanted to becasue you had to DRAIN your life savings and 401K which these POS handed over to the BUTCHERS OF LIVES CALLED THE WALL ST. CROOKS.

        Copy and Pase it. Start the epedmic to wipe out UN-JUST REGIMES and take control of our own government back.

    • The 35M unemployed should be taking this vote, they have forgotten you and think paying you a few hundered $$ will keep you in line.

      Has anyone seen Carl Berg Jr (let me sell one company and bankrupt the other to have a wash, what a law!!!), Robert Kanode( man who lies at the podium of a CC and behind the disclaimer) , Congress/Governor POS Jon Corzine, GM Board of Directors (everyboyd gets paid, workers, management, share holders, eFFF th UAW for producing garbage for so many years, way to eFFFF up a wet dream, but every shareholder gets bankrupt)? We want our eFFing money.

      We will not forget now or in 30 years.

      Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table and ask them to take the pledge.

    • Have you been asking others to take this?

      The US Congress uses the media to forward their unjust financial terrorist activities, the US Citizen needs to ban together to fight such corruption?

      You think the President,the DOJ,the FBI or Homeland Security will protect you from the collusion and corruption of our government.

      Their betrayal knows no end.

      Please share such topics of conversation with others and ask them to forward this thread on so we can start to hold our selves accountable for allowing this unholy Trinity that is now US Politics.

      They have stolen too much money from me to stay quiet.

      GM Betrayal was too much to bear.

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      • Steal half the money from our 401K and than use funny money to devalue it by 50%.

        They have stolen now 75% of our money and than given back 25% over the next 5 years.

        Are you kidding us? You want us to stay quiet while you continue to rape our futures?

        Your children need to be protected from such monsters called the Fed Reserve, Handshaking Corp America Congress aka seasoned lobbyists aka former Congress members.

        Is the entire system so debunked that the do not even implement rules to clean up this garbage. Sometimes the citizen ship has to do itself if they want to protect their children from these monsters.

        Please share such topics of conversations with others at the dinner table.

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