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  • faz239 faz239 Jul 7, 2013 11:08 PM Flag

    Market Indirectly gives you Positive news Pushing people to get INTO the STOCK Market

    If you keep observing the big web market new, they always ends up giving positive news. It's a game. I hear bad news. Then again big positive news. It's a game that has been going on. Many people lost their money playing short game and they he big players are not stupid. It almost looks like market is only working for some people. It almost seems like people are attracted to keep playing the game hoping to get short sale promoted by I would say by fews. I have seen many people are losing hard earning money. Ask yourself - who cares about you? I you have the positive answer but I am stills wondering. Few things just I want to mention - why so many jobs are outsources and what the big guys are doing about it in all responsible positions, why food and gas prices are high. So many people still cannot afford houses. Not to say people who lost their houses about 2-4 years ago and lost credit. Do you think these people will be able to get back on their previous position. And most jobs are contract jobs ask why. I do not want to go detail but I think I can say companies do not care about people like they used to be. Now coming back to trading. You can lose money in 30 minutes what you have gained in one week. That is what the trend looks like. Pros will say bad stocks and god stocks but they themselves are in the game trying to make money in the volatile market. My suggestion is to play very short and get whatever you get. And most importantly put a stop order. But you know what I have observed these day. Stock goes down enough to reach all the stops. Volatile Market.
    At the end, we know where we are. We know the actual economic conditions. It is bubble stock market now simply. Money is printed affluently. Every action has equal and opposite reaction. There are ups and downs. And there are big ups and big downs. There are many ups continuously and one big down. So many combination. The economy will align with the big US stock market sooner.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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