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  • jforuus jforuus Jul 8, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    Goldmansachs has LOST ALL TRUST in the public eye

    Are they crooks?

    Is the legacy of their past CEO's that of untrustworthiness and not doing correct by their shareholders of every level? See Jon Corzine disgraced Senator-Governor, ex-Goldmansachs CEO, we let these men into the political arena to govern pensions and change retirment practices.

    They heading below may be true but remember this all of these brokerage houses and psuedojournalists have STOLEN money or and lied from the US Citizen and continue to do so, in one fashion or another. Senators go around giving "atta boys" in the hearings that citizens demand justice and actual retribution for the crimes and financial terrorism practiced daily by institutions and individuals in office.

    "Goldman Sachs: Treasury Yields Will Hit 4%" Thanks Lloyd, not even sure why and how your company hasn't be burned to the ground by the US Governement, oh you have them in your pocket?

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    • bush had 12 GS exec's on his board. Do you really think these guys were not a part of 911!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • What are we as citizens of a country that so many others have already bled and died for going to do about these finanical terrorists that are infested at every single level of government stealing wealth from so many?

        If they bring it down to 6900 again, do we start setting fires (figuratively, but the first revolution I am sure many a fires were set) to all of these establishments and start a new?

        They have started stealing money now from the BOND FUNDS calling it a "correction".

        Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table with others. Collude upon the truth while they collude upon the lies.

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