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  • jforuus jforuus Jul 23, 2013 7:38 AM Flag

    Men Dying in Fox Holes

    Let me get this straight you are willing to die for this stranger in your fox hole, albeit you have known him for several weeks in boot camp? Yet you are not willing to stand up and vote these Republicans and Democratic REGIME out office for stealing all of our money with collusion, The SS HOMELAND SECURITY for invading your privacy and abandoning the principles of the 1700's Guerrilla USA.? Guerrilla USA, win at all cost to rid yourself of oppressors from across an ocean?

    Now we let career politicians sit in office for terms upon terms, why don't you go find all the congressmen and senators that have been sitting for more then 3 terms and automatically remove them from your ballots; start with this one principle? Compound it with the politician that receives 3 times more in donations by Corp-America and remove them from your ballots automatically?

    Arm yourself AMERICA with such principles if you want "TRUE CHANGE". Don't let them fool you to thinking putting another color book cover on the same play book actually means you have a new play book ! We are not that naive?

    Else stop sacrificing your life for men in that fox hole if you are not willing to do such simple things as stated above. Tell your children I wasn't strong enough to fight or save your future from the men that are truly a threat to it.

    Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

    Also, please visit the yahoo message board "DIA" and type in the search "the pledge" and pass it on to others.

    Let us all collude upon the truth as they collude upon the lies in what they call "the game" and we know it as "STEALING OUR MONEY"!!!!

    What are you prepared to do when they increase the retirement age? It is coming, brace yourself lads.


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    • "When you a kill a king, you don't kill him in the dark, you kill him where the whole court can watch him die."

      This will be done and announced with the same presses that they have controlled, the pseudo-journalists will defect as they always do to the winning side or perish with them?

      Are we tried of crumbs while they feast?

      They are going to have to cut far more deep into and bleed their Congress of all the ills that have been parasites on the soul's of the US Citizen.

      We dishonor all those die on foreign soil by allowing men who hide behind titles of "ESQ", "appointees" and their "family names" while they rob us blind of time and coin.

      When is the levy going to break?

      Your going to have to write emails to these Senators and Congressmen and address them as what they truly are, "SOB"!!

      Tammany Hall is now just called "the Halls of Congress"?

      Have you abandoned your principles and children's future? For the crumbs they give you, just enough to manipulate your humanity and natural tendency to covet the little pile of poop they have allowed you to accumulate? Would those men who bled out in foxholes for the profit and whose legacy who sit in those cushioned seat be proud of you or ashamed of you? It is time to take the fight to them, time to remember when you vote next.

      What are you prepared to do when they increase the retirement age? It is coming, brace yourself lads. You will have to take to the streets? Tell them more then one firm called SAC will have to fall, hundreds will have to fall before we have our fill off what has plagued this CROOKED ST. The public shall call them no longer "Wall St." but "Crooked St." or "Rigged St." Why not!!?!?! They call stealing our money "the game"; today we have a new name for them also.

      Bury your children if your going to allow this REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC TYRANNICAL REGIME bury your children's future. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, " Are you a coward?"

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      • Why doesn't a sitting or retired General enter the political regime?

        If they are such men of honor and discipline.

        Wouldn't we rather have men who live by some type of code rather then men who live by the code of self preservation of office such as the COWARDS OF CONGRESS. Hence moving forward we should rerfer to these not so fine gentlemen and ladies as such, the COWARDS OF CONGRESS who have compromised the future of the US CITIZEN.

        If an Officer was to run under anything BUT the CURRENT REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC REGIME PROPOGANDA MACHINE, the US CITIZEN might have a chance, hope.

        If they are such MEN AND WOMEN OF HONOR AND DISCIPLINE, perhaps we shall calll this "OPERATION LIBERATE THE U S CITIZEN".

        How long are we going to accept failure? How long are we going to allow the viscious cycles to continue?

        Politicians elected to Congress

        Congress is stroked by lobbyists.

        Congress STEAL and COLLUDES to steal the US CITIZENS money and independece, making pacts of TREASON with other nations to keep control.

        Conressional members retire and are hired as LOBBYISTS by CORP AMERICA.

        Lobbyists compromise the integrity of the Constitution and iliicit current Congressional members.

        Repeat cycle.

        How long are we going to allow these sitting Republican and Democratic REGIME to murder the futures of children and grandparents?

        It is sometimes best to burn down a house infested with termites.

        Are these Generals blind?

        Do born leaders allow their people to be vicitimized by their governement?

        Do born leaders step up and become politicans to drive out such men of ill?

        Do born leaders cower at the truth and justice?

        Do born leaders allow men to fly planes that are not well equipped for a pilot to breath properly without dying in a cockpit?

        Do born leaders allow politicans to cover up such mis-haps?

        Do born leaders allow higher ranking officers to cover up such mis-haps?

        Do born leaders allow such men to use excuses to violate the privacy of its citizens?

      • There were days in AMERICA when a politician at whatever level be he a Assemblyman, Congressman, Senator would be SPIT upon for the cruel and unjust epoch that they have forced upon us.

        Shed the few pennies they want you to covet and let them know and understand no longer can they "HIRE ONE HALF OF THE POOR TO KILL THE OTHER HALF".

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