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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 1, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    The NSA

    All those died in the past 200 plus years would be DISGRACED by your actions.

    Your superiors can not be trusted.

    Your superiors are led by the people in Congress. We know the caliber of such people who are ulitimately led by career politicans whose priority is for self preservation of their office, to lobbyists of Corp - America and themselves and ulitmately at the end to the US Citizen. Make no mistake the US citizen is last.

    XKeyscore: NSA Collects Data On Millions Of Individuals

    Let me put it this way how about a person goes around putting wire taps around every neighbor? Nothing wrong with it? The US Government is the only one that can? Why good for the goose but not good for the gander? We were all checking your wife and daughter out because we thought we had identified a risk..chuckle chuckle. Figure it out boys what side you are on, don't let them manipulate you with their decades of fine tuning in the subject matter.

    People in office are not saints, we do not call our plague the REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS a "disease or regime" yet they are exactly that. I am not sure about you but ask your parents and grandparents how much they lost in the past 5 years and how many more years they have to work after putting into it what was asked from them for so many years. Don't be good soldier, be great GREAT CITIZENS !!

    Glaxosmithkline doesn't kill babies in latin american countries. WAKE UP!

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    • Is John Inglis under scrutiny?

      Is GW and his WMD under investigation?

      Jon Corzine under investigation? Can they find the $1.6B or the corrupt senators that allowed him to walk or is justice just blind and stupid?

      Who is investigating and deeming what is correct or not?

      FBI boys Mueller and Comey would probably tell you Hoover was a criminal, he was the master of manipulation via blankmail/extortion.

      So we haven't learned anything from history?

      Edward Snowden is a HERO in some ways, perhaps he betrayed a government and their paycheck for the benefit of EVERY F'NG LAST U.S. CITIZEN.

      Know this our votes do no elect a PRESIDENTS they have a "electorate". QUALIFIED VOTER, what are the qualifications? You understand you can't screw the select frew over but allowed to screw the masses of the US CITIZEN ?

      Seriously, you think Snowden committed treason for exposing perhaps a tool for such "electorates"?

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

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