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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 1, 2013 9:11 PM Flag

    Death of Democracy - Career Politicans

    Questions to ask:

    How many times have they compromised the future of the US Citizen for the sake of self preservation in his or her office?

    The men who bled for freedom didn't bleed so they could be career politicians, did they? Absolute disgrace, time to send them on their way. We should be disgusted by them. They have kept their pensions in tact and only strengthened them, you try to find a company with a pension? They have sacrificed our retirements for the sake of the lobbyists and Corp America that have kept them empowered?

    John Dingell (H) Democratic Party 57 years, 229 days 57 years, 229 days
    John Conyers (H) Democratic Party 48 years, 208 days 48 years, 208 days
    Charles B. Rangel (H) Democratic Party 42 years, 208 days 42 years, 208 days
    Bill Young (H) Republican Party 42 years, 208 days 42 years, 208 days
    Thad Cochran (H,S) Republican Party 40 years, 208 days 40 years, 208 days
    Don Young (H) Republican Party 40 years, 146 days 40 years, 146 days
    5Patrick Leahy (S) Democratic Party 38 years, 208 days 38 years, 208 days
    Max Baucus (H,S) Democratic Party 38 years, 208 days 38 years, 208 days
    Chuck Grassley (H,S) Republican Party 38 years, 208 days 38 years, 208 days
    Tom Harkin (H,S) Democratic Party 38 years, 208 days 38 years, 208 days
    George Miller (H) Democratic Party 38 years, 208 days 38 years, 208 days
    Henry Waxman (H) Democratic Party 38 years, 208 days 38 years, 208 days
    Ed Markey (H,S) Democratic Party 36 years, 270 days 36 years, 270 days
    Orrin Hatch (S) Republican Party 36 years, 208 days 36 years, 208 days
    Barbara Mikulski (H,S) Democratic Party 36 years, 208 days 36 years, 208 days
    Nick Rahall (H) Democratic Party 36 years, 208 days 36 years, 208 days

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    • Spanking CORP-AMERICA in the hand with a fine worth $10M after they have stolen $40T is an INSULT to the US Citizen.

      Congress needs to send a clear message to Wall St. and Corp America of 2 strike policy and lifetime ban, retro-active with a summation of a corporation already starting out with ONE strike already for previous violations.

      The US CITIZEN is tired of the good ole boys and nepotism destroying the fabric of the FINANCIAL system and the future of our children.

      This REPBULICAN AND DEMOCRATIC REGIME which elects the SEC? is a joke and putting the FIX in at ever turn. If they think we do not know such things happens, we know price rigging and collusion is ramapant at Wall St. and every level in the Halls of Congress and perhaps even in the Presidency. Why not? Question all now, the filth these men make us swim in while they bask on the merits of our honesty we are all disgusted by.

      Psuedo-jouranlists who allow such financial terrorist to flourish are being exposed daily, CNBC what a Joke, CNN what a joke.

      Congress NEEDS and the US CITIZEN DEMANDS LIFETIME BANISHMENT OF INSTITITUIONS THAT are destroying the fabric and way of life so many have bled and died to preserve. The FINANCIAL TERRORISTS are and have been home grown REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS.

      Please visit the "dia" yahoo message board and type in the search "the pledge" ask others to take it as well.

      Our nation is under attack now more then ever by parasites called the US CONGRESS who give attack dogs that have had their canines removed and been de-clawed to watch over sheep that are being constantly under attack by wolves of Wall St.

      We need to send a clear message to congress a spanking of your fellow bretheren Corp AMERICA is not enough, we NEED and DEMAND a complete extincition of such behavior, attitude and agents.

      A $50M fine for a 20 year $100T profit is just INSULTING.

      If you will not defend liberty and give justice to the US Citizen, then the US Citizen will need to dismiss you

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      • all and seek justice via another political regime or via the hands of its own ARMY OF CITIZENS.

        Tell your children, fathers, brothers, sisters and mothers not to be "good soldier" but "GREAT CITIZENS". Do not fall prey to men who raise armies of teenagers to wage wars while the demons of Congress burn our homes down with in our own borders.

        Truth be told.

        US CITIZEN

    • How many strikes do we allow them to have before the SEC INFLICTS A MORTAL WOUND on an INSTITUTION.


      "The SEC alleges that Bank of America failed to tell investors that more than 70 percent of the mortgages backing the offering – called BOAMS 2008-A – originated through the bank’s “wholesale” channel of mortgage brokers unaffiliated with Bank of America entities. Bank of America knew that such wholesale channel loans – described by Bank of America’s then-CEO as “toxic waste” – presented vastly greater risks of severe delinquencies, early defaults, underwriting defects, and prepayment. These risks all directly impact the returns to RMBS investors, however Bank of America only selectively disclosed the percentage of wholesale channel loans to a limited group of institutional investors. Bank of America never disclosed this material information to all investors and never filed it publicly as required under the federal securities laws.

      “In its own words, Bank of America ‘shifted the risk’ of loss from its own books to unsuspecting investors, and then ignored its responsibility to make a full and accurate disclosure to all investors equally,” said George S. Canellos, Co-Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. “This is one in a long line of RMBS-related enforcement actions brought by the SEC to hold entities accountable for wrongdoing connected to the financial crisis.”

    • Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

      Also, please visit the yahoo message board "DIA" and type in the search "the pledge" and pass it on to others.

      Let us all collude upon the truth as they collude upon the lies in what they call "the game" and we know it as "STEALING OUR MONEY"!!!!

      What are you prepared to do when they increase the retirement age? It is coming, brace yourself lads.

      Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress.


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      • Google this and ask your congressmen and senator to take the following pledge and video tape him so later we can post it when he recants the pledge.

        "The No Lobbying Pledge
        Dear Representative,
        Too many see Congress as a stepping stone to a much more lucrative future — one as a lobbyist. With an average salary increase of 1,452%, we understand why. But whether we're Republicans, Democrats, or Independents, we want representatives who will labor for us. Just for us, and not for your future employer: the lobbyist. Will you make the following pledge:

        I pledge that I will not become a lobbyist when I leave Congress."

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