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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 2, 2013 9:39 AM Flag


    The mass media should be ashamed but it is expected of you puppets.

    You allow career politicans to rape us for DECADES and stay quiet instead of an ALL OUT BLITZ. Colusion we call it.

    You the media allow men like Lloyd Blankfiend, Governor/Senator Jon Corzine and Bob Lutz to abuse the common investor. Why don't you ask Bob Lutz how many companies he has endorsed in the past 10 years that have failed? Why doesn't a young writer EXPOSE the SOB and their secret agenda? Why isn't Lloyd Blankfein US CRIMINAL NO. 1? Why isn't Jon Corzine have a mug shot and someone's biotch in prison right now?

    Eric Snowden is accused of TREASON, what a joke! He didn't conform to abusing the US Citizen and their rights? A disgrace you who hunt him are. A disgrace who follow command to F the US Citizen. Did you pledge to abuse your authority? To screw over the US Citizen and the Constitution? That rag that every careero politican, lobbyist, Corp-America and GW as well the Clintons wipe their rear with on a daily basis?

    You are the ones who come up with techonology, you think the suit even knows how to design a truth table much less work with transistors? You are tho ones who develop it. Yet they think of you as STUPID LITTLE SOLDIER? #$%$.

    Next time you are surrounded by these SOB who calll ERIC SNOWDEN a "criminal", remember you are to blame just as much as them. They will always WEAPONIZE technology stop being so naive about it.

    Why hasn't the US Government revealed their discoveries of the DNA HUMAN GENOME programs? What DNA HUMAN GENOME PROGRAM? lol riiiiiight. How long did they take them to actually start putting prosthesis worth something to handicapped soldiers? Don't follow orders and be good soldier, follow the truth an BE GREAT CITIZENS.

    This media is nothing more then an instrument to keep blinders on freet thought these days. Try stealing money from Congress and see what happens? We need change.


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