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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 8, 2013 10:54 AM Flag


    Then the price goes back up in a milisecond, how many times does that occur to how many investors?

    Are the brokerage houses involved in a giant conspiracy? what is the deal?

    Ask your brokerage houses if they share stop loss limit orders that we set with others?

    Fair question and if so why are they giving away such vital information?

    We need to clean this industry up and re educate them to stop this form of stealing.

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    • When I say "triggered", the brokerage house rigging and sharing information with institutions and fund manager who are capable of driving it down by over 15% for a mili second?

      Mary Jo White please put a match to your organization, The SEC; it is a useless lot, face it if they have allowed this to go on for Decades.

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

      Also, please visit the yahoo message board "DIA" and type in the search "the pledge" and pass it on to others.

      Let us all collude upon the truth as they collude upon the lies in what they call "the game" and we know it as "STEALING OUR MONEY"!!!!

      What are you prepared to do when they increase the retirement age? It is coming, brace yourself lads.

      THIS WILL HAVE TO BE A WAR OF CONTRITION to be executed out by every US CITIZEN. Don't let them use chaos to keep control either and if they do use chaos to find them and hold them all accountable not turn on yourselves or your neighbors or your local store owner. We got it Terrorist plots and high alert, CODE ORANGE, we got it. What a PR campaign, those men around 24/7, it is different to any other day? Lets just have a mass genocide, we did it to the AMERICAN INDIAN, LET US ADD TO THE LIST (why not and be DONE WITH IT), WE WERE THERE #$%$, we won 't talk about that. Propoganda doesn't exist with the psuedo-journalists....uh huh.

      Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress.


    • Is it ok to talk about that or do you become an enemy of the state for that also ?

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